Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hilarious Pinterest Finds!

Thanks to my lil charmer and best pal...Kim San for forwarding me these hilarious and fabulous Pinterest finds!

Get ready to giggle!

Who hasn't slapped their mother with pizza while trying to save her?

Ahh...the excitement of the young!

Dream house wishes, Harry Potter Style:

I'm off to eat large quantities of something! Sadly, it will probably be salad although I would prefer another Belgian Waffle! Had one this morning with my nephew. He is fantastic and very, very fun. Also..I'm exhausted. His excitement is both  motivational and very tiring!

Wine and Salad! Living Large!




Anonymous said...

lol glad you enjoyed! Whoever thought these up really made my day!

Don't forget we need to make and eat a sugar free version of the confetti cake dip!! So you can look forward to THAT in large quantities.

I had partial pop-tart dinner tonight, so even though it's 11:54 p.m.....guess who's about to JAM on their exercise bike?

more powerful than Richard Simmons,
your cousin/bff/Kim

Fashion by Anita said...

Great blog ;*
I follow you, can you follow me back?