Saturday, August 4, 2012

How I Roll

This will be quick...this here idea was spawned from yes...Pinterest folks! I actually followed through and created a little area for our many orphaned socks...

What I love: The juxtaposition between the pink of the sock holder and Brad's man socks.
Who says it has to be perfect? I'd say at least...six or seven pairs of socks have been saved because of this architectural gem! I do have to admit that JUST FOR FUN yesterday...I put one of Brad's socks matched with one of Emerson's socks (our nine year old nephew) because it made me laugh. I know it annoys him at times, but I find it funny. It's also my way of getting back at him when I'm the solo laundry attendant (when he works nights and 5 in a row, he basically works from 7pm-7:30am, comes home, sleeps, goes to work.) and he throws every t-shirt he's ever owned into the laundry. The man has MANY shirts. Scuba diving shirts, shirts from Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, The Great Ball of Yarn in the USA (gotcha!) get the idea. So many, that one day while folding shirts, I am not embarrassed (nor am I proud) to share that I threw one while yelling "How many F-ing t-shirts can you HAVE? Huh?" Not at him. That would have been rude. Plus, he wasn't home. Just yelled that into the air/ether.

Put that one in your cap.

Spending the day working on work projects and then am going to hit the backyard with these two. Currently on hour two of their afternoon fiesta.

These are their Turn Down Snacks. Fill them with goldfish crackers and peanut butter. Freeze for a few hours. Keeps them busy before bedtime. Curtis then steals Daisy's, takes it with him behind the couch where Daisy is too big to fit..and then brings them both back angrily at my feet. I think he comes back demanding more peanut butter. How rude! ;-)

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

lol at Daisy in this pic, because the way her paw is possessively resting on her food ball, combined with her intense, "don't **** with my snack" look, as if she's thinking, "this picture taking business had better not mess with my "me" time", is hilarious.

Love the sock orphan idea, AND the lesson that not everything has to be perfect, sometimes it just has to work! I have a sock orphan "area", so I just toss them in a separate pile, or sometimes I just wear two different ones, which I'll admit, is "smart".

I can lol at the pairing of Emerson's sock with Brad's AND relate to Brad's less than thrilled reaction at suddenly finding himself with two disproportionate socks. It's an lol story all around.

I had no idea Brad had so many shirts! He may need a special shirt cabinet from Ikea! lol on the Great Ball of Yarn in the USA.


Kim/bff/your cousin

Nicole said...

Your post made me chuckle! I've been reading from time to time, via Flowerpatch Farmgirl. I like your style :) said...


Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I'm glad I was able to make you chuckle! I'm off to check out your blog. :-)

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

With Bruce here now, this would cause an all out war! I have no idea where their kongs are, but i love the idea of freezing them with the pb inside.
That'll will keep them busy for a long time. Bruce ate another pair of my flip flops today and stole ribbon from my sewing room. He's the devil, that dog. I chase him down and then he somehow charms me into not being mad at him. Go figure. ;)
Tshirts multiplying like bunnies? I throw them out when Magoo travels. Shhhhhh...