Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Madison Turns Twelve!

My sweet little niece Madison turned 12 last week! Sunday was her family bday party and it did NOT disappoint!

M-Dog is her nickname. It's what we yell at her gymnastics meets. Don't DARE call her Maddie! ;-)

In true bday party form, we all got on her trampoline for some fun. Sadly, I took a lot of the photos so you won't be able to see me rocking some serious moves! I have to be honest and say that it's A)Scary to be the heaviest person on the trampoline. At times I was WAY too high in the air for my own comfort and B) I realized after jumping for a bit and feeling winded "Wow..I think I may be out of shape and need to turn up the mph on my treadmill workouts!"

Emerson, Andrew and Nick (all of my nephews) on the trampoline...

Man Down!!

Nick and Em! They did this move as a joke because when Emerson was smaller, he loved the trampoline but ONLY If Nick ( or me or his mom or another cousin) was holding him while jumping. So he essentially enjoyed I guess...a trampoline "ride" back in the day! I was teasing him about it before the party, so they yelled "Tina! Look!" and I got this! Hilarious!

She's staring at Andrew like this because he had just shoved two pieces of birthday cake in his mouth, at once. True "Andrew Style!" and his little face was blue as was his left eye area for unknown reasons. How did the cake get THERE? Picture here does not do the actual look justice!!

Me and my niece Kirsten. She is lovely! Smart, kind and just returned from Costa Rica. She's about to begin her final year of college and she'll be a teacher when she's finished.

Happy 12th Birthday, Sweet Madison! You are good, kind, smart and very loved!!




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