Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Year's Lamb and Hot Dog

It's a bit early, but I am currently gathering ideas for the sweet doggie costumes for Curtis and Daisy this year.

Last year, little six month old Curtis was a lamb. He was NOT happy. But my god..he looked adorable! This costume stayed on him for maybe 5 minutes before he tore it off.

On the other hand, Miss  Daisy was a largish hot dog and seemed almost..happy in costume! She was the one I thought was going to give me problems. But she walked around in it for awhile and seemed almost proud. Curtis is next to her in a little pumpkin costume here. Didn't like that one either and somehow shoved his little front arm and paw out of it in two seconds flat!

So the question is: how do you get your dogs to go along with this? I just think it would be fun to keep them in character (if you will!) for ten minutes..a stroll down the street as the kids are heading out to trick or treat. Suggestions?

Emerson is here and I think I hear ice cream cones calling our names!

Happy Wednesday!!