Friday, August 24, 2012

AmazeBalls! Who Loves Cake?

That's what my BFF would say about this below.

Thanks to Pinterest for having so many fine foods, crafts, inspiration and fabulousness!

Brad's at work and I'm off to email him this recipe! Yep, he worked at a bakery in high school and still refers to certain baked goods as "Oh my god, tastes like wedding cake!"  the first time he said that I responded with  "How many wedding cakes have you HAD?"

I digress.

He loves baking.

Recipe here:

Oddly enough, he finds Paula Deen annoying. I think she's beautiful and funny. Does her (former, I guess..) overuse/abuse of butters and all things fine and clogging scare me? Yes! Yes it did! I just never thought of the way she ate as everyday eating or food. I WANTED to, but common sense told me no. And I guess diabetes told her the same thing.

Can you ever really plan too far ahead? I mean, I make lists. I lose them. I don't get through the lists I am ABLE to keep, so they get longer and added to new lists. The point: I've gotta plan for all of this now or we all know it's NEVA going to happen!


Pumpkin love!

I'm not exactly sure why I'm all UP in Fall's behind. Normally I am sad at summer's end/close. I fear the darkness of winter here in Minnesota. This year I'm planning on painting my front door orange, have bought mums in mid August and am dusting off my fall wreath. I don't get it either!  Then I go back and think "I should have swam more this summer. Yes, it was too damned hot, but I will regret not doing more cannonballs come January!"

Where am I going with this? I don't know either. Seems I'm off course!

Anyway...have a fabulous weekend everyone! Brad and I were busted at our local McDonald's drive thru after the girl making and giving cones/working the food window smiled and Brad said "you see us here almost everynight!"  I started to laugh, she smiled and then said "See you guys tomorrow!"


I'm off to eat a piece of carrot cake. I told you I LOVE cakes!




Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Give me carrot cake or give me death. said...

I know. I ran out, have severe pms and dillusional thoughts and had to make do with two strawberry poptarts.

That's just bad planning, dammit!!

Wishing for cakes filled with carrots, ..xo