Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Are We All So Tired?


Miss Daisy "I can barely keep my eyes open."

Curtis. "Good God, I am exhausted after breakfast."

I feel the same way!  Two cups of coffee into this day and Mamma is still overly tired!

Sidebar: When I run out of coffee and/or creamer I'll hit either the drive thru Caribou OR McDonalds.  Sadly, their coffees and espressos are just not as strong as what I make here. I think I may make ONE crazy cup of coffee with enough coffee beans for five people. It gets me going! But I forget that when I run out, I should order two or tell Caribou "Please moose the CRAP out of this one!"

These two are so funny because they nap (to me) at the BEST times of the day! Between Noon and 2- 3PM both are exhausted. I always feel like that's the best hang outdoors time/walking time unless it's crazy hot. The point: They're RUINING it! Kidding. They know what they like...and they like a good nap!

In other news..I will be hanging with my nephew Emerson for the next few days. Who knows what we'll do? One thing is for sure: No more Minecraft! I am happy he loves the game and can build rollercoasters and cities, but he gets wayyy too involved to the point where you're asking "Are you hungry? Thirsty? You haven't peed in hours!" So today...Crafts! I"m kidding..but something different.

Rock this Tuesday, Peeps!




Anonymous said...

I just have to say....has the couch moved again?? lol It's under the windows now!

It seems that C&D have adopted the whole "siesta" thing, except that theirs lasts from lunch to actual siesta time. They break molds! Also, maybe *I* am tired because I almost spelled "break" as "brake" there. As in, "I brake for knitters!"

I actually like watching Charles play Minecraft, but only because it's far more low key than League of Legends! Btw, remind Brad: League of Legends is insanely absorbing - post surgery tip!

put a bird on it,
your cousin/bff/Kim

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...


I LOL at "I brake for knitters"...

goofy, as per usual and STELLAR!

I had a sign from Smurfberry Crunch as a kid that said "I brake for Smurfs!"..and YES I did place it on my pink huffy!

Listen..we both know the furniture ALWAYS moves around here as well as the accessories!

Keepin it Fresh!


Anonymous said...

lol on "I brake for smurfs" You know how much I loved smurfs! And the Great Smurf Controversy of 1982 was really the beginning of the end for a bad and bossy-towards-me friendship I had with you-know-who-but-rhymes-with-Oozen. I was the victim of smurf theft, and things just took a dive after that. However, if that had never occurred, we would have never penned one of our big hit songs, "Trolley Cars"!

It's the circle of life, kid. Hakuna Matata.

And yes, I DO know the furniture moves constantly. Kids - she wasn't kidding! There is ALWAYS a change!

your bff/Kim/cousin

hanna montis said...

Look at them. They sure are tired. I think its because of the heat. When its hot I get tired easily. Hope they'll get back on their feet after they nap.
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