Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Life Hands You 'Mones

..as in "hormones" my friends! Crazy, FUN, fabulous wacky hormones!

I had PLANS for this day. It's sunny. That's a big deal, kids.

It's "fairly" warm here in Minnesota. A nice 40+ degrees to be exact.

I saw myself laughing and running, walking my puppy...in said scene in my noggin my hair is flying loose and free and let me tell you, it looks amazing! Does anyone remember Dimension shampoo and the ads from the 80's? It looks like THAT.

Dimension Commercial:

This never occurs in real life. I have flat, lifeless hair. When it does look great and I am asked about it. I answer honestly and it goes something like this: "I honestly don't know. This was a stroke of luck today AND I can guarantee you it won't look like this for perhaps another year. Just luck. Never to be repeated."

Instead..I feel hormonal and annoyed by things that usually do not ruffle these feathers at all.

Me. Today. Image via Pinterest

Yes, folks! Sure to be a FUN day for those closest to me!  Ahh..that made me LOL.

How I intend to "rectify" this situation or just make it better:

I have learned. I don't. I just go with it.

I may just put my bathrobe back on and call it a day.

But first. I have an excitement about the kind of food day this will be.

I'll be heading out soon for necessities and they will most likely be these items.

Twinkies are Your Friend. They are not "real" food. Relax and enjoy what "science" has gifted you! Image via Pinterest.

The perfect slice of Red Velvet Cake can be found at my local Coborn's! Thank GOD for local and overpriced goodies. Do I want the WHOLE cake? Of course. But we all know that's a bad road to head down.

Image via Pinterest

If I had a baby or babies right now, I always envision that I would dress them in outfits that would make me laugh or chortle on these kind of days and allow me to yell "Weinerschnitzel!" (our puppy is half weiner dog, half lab, so I do yell it in a fun way. He's not a mutt people, he's a labraweinie!)  Perhaps something similar to these onesies below?

Image of cuteness via Pinterest

And finally..where would I be without something to make me cry? Oprah..I'm headed to OWN! Or maybe even Lifetime. Those extremely odd movies always make me feel better. Soo weird! I end up thinking things like "At least my husband isn't trying to kill me!" or something equally disturbing.

Off to toxify and soothe, friends!  I do wonder..what works for you on these kinds of days? Please share what works but not things such as: "I like to exercise myself into a sweaty stupor and then eat veggies when I get home." No Haters.



Anonymous said...

As you know, what "works" for me on these days is horseback rides, sudden pick up games of field hockey, and yoga classes wearing nothing but all white unitards! BAM! Nailed it!

What REALLY works is giant, pillowy-soft raised donuts.

over and out,
your cousin and champion donut eater

Tina said...

Who DOESN'T a unitard work for, on ANY day? ;-)

Weirdo. xo