Friday, March 16, 2012

Garden Inspiration, My Garden & Growth.

Outdoor Inspiration!

This image makes my heart beat a little faster. I love its simplicity & the fact that the chandelier is the only decoration, with mother nature doing the rest. I like to believe I'd have my husband hang a huge chandy like this for us outside. Then I remember that we don't have mature trees in our newish subdivision.

(Image via

This is my largest tree. It has grown at least another 6 inches or so since this photo was taken. Obviously, it can't take a chandelier. I'm thinking pretty, crystalline humming bird feeder?

(Image via my front yard in Minnesota. Last spring. Pre Landscaping Overhaul)

We do have this pretty view, coming soon via God! Who says dandies aren't flowers? I say they ARE!

(Image via my front yard/side yard, May 2011- I am pretty proud of our little flowering tree!)

Get ready to BOUNCE folks! Upcoming & BEYOND exciting yard photos 2012 coming within the next few months! Holla! Showing new growth, change & mad skillZ!

For Now- Before Shots. May 2011

(Image via me & my backyard. Cute wheelbarrow boy= Hubby Brad)

(Image via me. Our Firepit. May get used this weekend for first time EVA!)

(Image via me. Our deck. My husband built this deck back in summer of 2008. ALL. BY. HIMSELF. The "help" from me was occasionally helping to hold a large piece of wood while he placed it.)

This is our house and the front landscaping (or complete lack thereof) when we moved in. This is May 2008. Notice my attempt at flowers and "something" with my black Ikea planters on the steps?

(Image via me. Our house. July 2011. We've done some different landscaping since then. I'm excited to see the changes and growth this year. Yes, I'll probably also prune the hydrangeas a bit on the right as they are getting HUGE.)

(Image via me, my garden. I'm a huge fan of random flower pics.)

(Image via me, my garden. Random knockout rose pic!)

(image via me, my yard. The best possible combo! Random landscape, flower AND rear end of Daisy dog!)

I'm ready to prune! 

For whatever reason, rather than using an acronym or garden-speak, I find that what I want to close with is "Bump.Set. Spike!" and I don't even like volleyball much these days!  I played with my 9 year old nephew in the pool, at our rec center about a month ago. I have gotten VERY bad. 

I like to think that the water was just too high. It was too high to serve properly! I was flailing about and looked ridiculous. When I said 'Emerson, aren't you shocked that I'm SO bad at this?"  His reply.

"No. Not really."

Thank You!

Happy Friday!!



Anonymous said...

Ah, the honesty of the chillin's! Emerson's comment rivals "yeyow teeth". Since you don't pride yourself on being an Olympian-level volleyball athlete, this can only make us laugh.

Love your yard and your garden, because I will be living vicariously through you and your yard (yes, at times I will pretend I AM your yard.) I'd like to usurp a patch and raise me up some green beans and tomatoes. Sidebar: you need to help me with a "firescape garden". We need to price out some troughs when we're together next!

Love all the pics, love the chandelier, and love "wheelbarrow boy's" skills!

cousin/bff/awesome sauce

Tina said...

Ahh girl~

You make me laugh like no one else!

Didn't you threaten me with ideas of your veggie patch in my garden last year?

Bring it. Bring some seeds & your mad gardening skills.

I dare you!