Friday, March 9, 2012

Mexican Vacation and Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

My hubby and I traveled to Cozumel in February for NINE glorious days! We went to an all inclusive hotel. It was beautiful. Steps from the ocean. Breakfast was ON the ocean. Fireshows at night. All the drinks you can handle. I kept having to remember "Beer before liquor, never been sicker" because in the early afternoons, Dos Equis sounded and tasted good. But if I started, I'd have to STICK with it. No change ups!

It was blissful and relaxing and we had major quality time together. I made it a point to just be comfortable and to EAT constantly. It's how I roll on vacations. Large breakfasts, big lunches, a decent dinner and many, many treats. I love cake. I ate cake EVERY DAY in Mexico! Lemon cakes, butter cakes, birthday cake (seemed similar!) chocolate get the idea. I won't go all Forrest Gump here "sometimes the cake even seemed like it was raining sideways!"

Brad (hubby) and I have been planning on getting Rosetta Stone and learning spanish for two years now. Needless to say, we were not speaking spanish by the time we went on this trip. (Note: I have a constant and rotating list of To Do's- if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done. I am not proud of this. This explains where the "learn spanish" fell through the cracks.)

My Dear Reuben

One fine morning, we were being served breakfast by our favorite waiter Reuben. After he filled up my coffee, he thought I said something and said "Que?" which I believe means "What?" Or "Excuse me?" and I misunderstood and said "Queso?" and here's how it went for a good three minutes:

Tina: "Queso?"

Reuben: "ahhhh..Queso? huh?"

Tina: "No Queso."

Reuben: "Queso no?"

Tina: "Queso."

Reuben (looking at me strangely): "Queso!"

Tina: "Queso!"

It started out as a question. Then we turned it into a statement. Later..a declaration! "Cheese!" "Huh? No cheese!" "Cheese?!" "Never the cheese!"

I laughed ALL day. Near the end of our trip I decided to have fun and say to Reuben "Queso?" and he honestly looked like "Nope. You're not roping me into that again." and I didn't know or recall how to say "Oh, Reuben! I'm KIDDING! Isn't this fun? Tell me this isn't fun!"

Breakfast Fruit Art

What we also enjoyed:

Public Yoga.

One Man.

Every day.


I would be remiss if I didn't tell you the area in which said man did the yoga. On a platform that was used- many nights, as a stage. Two large HONKING speakers to his left and right. A ping pong table to his right. Fleetwood Mac's "You can go your own way" LOUDLY playing. A dartboard behind him.

Yes. The dartboard area turned into a yoga studio for one.

I feel bad but I did laugh. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings. I told Brad "this just seems to be everything opposite of yoga. It's loud. He's not looking peaceful. Fleetwood Mac is playing instead of Yanni. At any moment a sharp dart could be thrown near him.."

Dude kept on.

By day three Brad seemed annoyed yet I was inspired. I took a photo of him that I cannot find. I wondered if I could post it and my hubby did say "He's in a public place so I think you can." Rest assured, if I find it. It will be here someday.

Also on Day Three: Yogi had an audience. The 70+ set had set up camp, turned their beach chairs AWAY from the beautiful pool and ocean and were watching the Yogi. It was hilarious.

He must have felt famous, no?

I am sorry to report that he wasn't very good, but A+ for chutzpah!

"Yoga" Area

We got into trouble when we visited the ocean bar in the evenings. They had swings AT the bar, people! It was hard to resist. After continually meeting couples who seemed bored with one another from Minnesota who shared WAY too much, we began avoiding the fabulous swings.

Bar and Swinging. Just. Don't.

I'm a sucker for a pretty couch and colorful art.

Day Nine: We are at the farthest corner of the beach. It's the farthest point away from anyone or anything. Clearly we either really want to enjoy one another's company only, or we are terribly anti-social. A couple that has been there for most of our stay start walking toward us. The husband had referred to me (to my husband getting us drinks at the time) as "Pigtails" (yes, I wore them. I think they were kinda cute. The photographs tell me otherwise.) "Hey! Where's pigtails today?"

They arrive at our beach chairs.

We have nowhere to go. Clearly, they are here to see us.


"You guys really like being by yourself, eh?"

Us: "We've had some weird experiences here meeting people, so kind of, yes."

Then they go on to tell us that while they weren't TRYING to listen, they had overheard some of our conversations days earlier on the beach and we seemed "funny". Apparently I had told Brad "You're a GOOD husband!"

How to respond? "I'm glad we entertained you"?

"Thank you for finding us interesting"?

"Damn, you are going to be disappointed. And soon." was the least weird and I won't go into any more detail other than politically and human wise, after talking to them for 10 minutes, we were clearly at odds.

As someone once said to me "Alas, the friendship was not meant to be."


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