Sunday, March 25, 2012

Midway There..Living Room Update

I am a good week (??) behind with my living room painting plan. It was nice in Minnesota. CRAZY warm and weird, so I had to take advantage of it.

 I took a bikeride with my hubby. I developed some sort of weird smoker's cough (I don't smoke. YOU figure it out!) or black lung with a great cough. The best "hack" was one night where I was eating asparagus, part of a lovely dinner my hubby made (He's an excellent cook!) and the cough turned into a full-on gag where I ran to the kitchen to spit out the asparagus while saying weakly "Please leave me be" as my husband and two dogs followed. I digress. So..warm weather + a weird cold/cough = far behind on projects!!

Here again is the before of the living room:

And here we are at the midway point. Where everything is a mess. Sometimes you wonder "What am I doing?" and also "I don't feel like painting anymore. Is that a squirrel outside? I need to get OUT there!" and so on...excuse the low quality of the photo.  This was taken with my phone camera:

Bad photo! But you get the idea. Trying to lighten up the whole living room. I LOVED the red for two years, but being a Minnesotan means that a lot of times you just need light and airy and color. The winters are long.

Hoping to have this done in a few days! I said that last week though..HA!! 

What I will say: All of the beautiful detail and craftsmanship is now coming out as I'm painting. A lot of it was hidden by the wood and the oak stain. I THINK I'm going to love it!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

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