Saturday, March 31, 2012

70's Kids Fashion, A healing & Randoms from my Week.

I think this is why.....I now have an aversion to loud prints and prefer "comfy knits" and neutral colors in general. I am on the right in this picture. Yes, friends..even back then I couldn't seem to keep my eyes fully open for photos. Nothing much has changed in that area! That's my little sister Dawn on the left. I do recall thinking that her dress was magical.  I think it may have been a hand-me-down from our cousin Kim (who is also my best friend & leaves fun, odd & inappropriate comments on this blog sometimes.) and I'm sure I wanted to wear it, but obviously, it was too small.  Clearly my mother had different plans for me.

This is Kim's b-day party, circa 1979. I am 7 here. Little Dawnie must be 5.

What makes me laugh about this photo: I do not recall my outfit AT ALL.  I would have never known I had A) The misfortune of wearing this or B) That I even owned it.  It's all been erased from my memory.  I remember Dawn's dress.  I have no recollection of this red machine.  My mom was kind of obsessed with moccasins.  I wonder if I'm wearing a pair with this outfit?  I'll never know.

Today. Me. Neutrals.

I truly hadn't realized that there was a possible healing going on UNTIL I went through a bunch of old photos & then looked at recent photos of me while hearing my best friend say things in my head like "WHAT are you doing wearing that? (laughs) You do not wear stuff like that!" - I think that comment was in reponse to a bright, shiny & somewhat fancy red blouse.

Unrelated sidebar:  Above photo was taken by my B/f/f  at our fave Barnes & Noble Cafe.  We live an hour away from one another, so this is a middle place.  It's always interesting.  There's a woman who walks in circles around the cafe for hours.  We try not to be loud, but we laugh & have fun & receive annoyed stares usually from older men & then I say "this is not a library, sir! I'm all jacked up on caffeine!"  Okay, so maybe I say it in my head.  Don't want to be rude.

Had the pleasure of spending Wednesday & Thursday with this little man.  My nephew Emerson.  He is always so much fun!  We watched a movie about the journey from birth to death about the Loggerhead turtle.  He's the new owner of a pet turtle named Barry, so he's very interested currently in all-things-turtle. His review:  "It was good, but sad at times."  He was upset about their beginnings, where they are literally clawing their way out of the sand, trying to get to the water while avoiding certain death by sand crabs & various birds.  It WAS stressful watching that part, I'm not gonna lie.  He was also upset about the garbage in the oceans that the turtles sometimes accidentally eat.  I've been taking him out on Earth Day to pick up garbage since he was about 3.  I never expected him to be so passionate about it, but he is & reminds me at times  "You could be recycling more here. See that?"  It's extremely cute & he makes me proud.

We spent Thursday (he was on Spring Break) at Walmart getting Pokemon cards for him.  He has them in a photo album & tried explaining it all to me "This is energy. This one activates with this one!  No! You just see that there? That's 50, but this one is you have 30."   Me: "Who is keeping track of all of these numbers? Do we write this down?"   Emerson: (exasperated sigh) " just remember!"

Later we hit Space Aliens.  I have no photos of our SA date, but he did have a kiddie cocktail "extra cherries on the side, please!" and a kids grilled cheese.  I had a diet coke & a Rachel Sammy.  I must say it was delightful.  My husband ordered ribs & said something to the effect of "Because I want something light."  I am NOT kidding. Huh?

Emerson also gave a little boy a token so he could play this jumping game (he was watching Emerson play, Em did well & earned a bunch of tickets.  The boy asked "Is this your first time here?" It was..darling.)- I told him it was very kind & I was proud of him & he looked embarrassed but proud.  At the end of Aliens, Emerson was able to get a bat and some plastic turtles with his many tickets.  That place is a scam! Spend $30 on games, win many tickets, "earn" a prize worth 50 cents!  He had fun & it was Spring Break.  I am also the Auntie, so I get to do these things.

Rounded out my week with my babies...
and some TERRIFYING 24 hour bug that had me more nauseous & awful feeling than I'd been in a long, long time!!  No photos of said sickness. ;-)

My living room is finished! My photo uploading feature on my computer is giving me headaches!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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