Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I like Again and Again!

Cakes, treats and candies of any kind. ***All images on this post have been taken by me.***

Old frames that tell a story and can be used to tell the world what I LOVE.

This guy. My hubby. Brad. Bradders. The Bradster. Kindest, most helpful guy I know.
At Physical Therapy after hip surgery. They literally force a person to get "up and on the bike" again, a day after surgery! This was MONTHS later, which is why he is looking fairly happy. I always told him I was taking this photo "For your blog one day, to give other younguns hope after their hip surgeries." He does not have a blog. Yet. So here I am, keepin it real, helpin to heal!!

Curtis! A little gift from God. I had mentioned possibly wanting a puppy last year. This little gem came from a Freecycle posting needing a good home. I said "Yes!" immediately, not knowing what kind of puppy, temperament, etc...and saw a photo of him the day before we picked him up. He's half black lab (his momma) and half weiner dog (yep, it's hilarious I know! His dad is the weinerschnitzel!) and he has the BEST qualities of both dogs. He's wonderful and soo loving and fun!
"I weigh 32 pounds, love birds, kids, my family and essentially anything that moves outdoors."

Miss Daisy. She's 11 1/2 now, but Brad still says "I think she's about six." He had her before we met, so I was never sure of her age, just sure that she wasn't still six after knowing him for a few years. I finally said "If you just let me know a general age she really IS, I think we could take better care of her. Maybe she needs glucosamine and chondroitin? You know? Senior food? Who knows?"

She is sweet, has the softest fur, loves playing ball, hates children (Yikes! I know!) and disapproves of noises and doorbells, but is so sweet!!

This little nine year old! Emerson. My nephew. He's one of the sweetest souls I know. He's kind and funny and creative and hilarious. His recent faves are the movie "Waterboy" and pet turtles! He's an awesome soccer player and a great artist. He has his own Etsy shop! I'm continually impressed by him.
Our whole family attended one of these games and I couldn't tell if he was horrified to have a cheering section or pleased. He wouldn't look at any of us, but did score many goals and ignored my niece (his cousin, 3 years older than him) screaming "RUN!" A month later he did tell me "No, I was proud that day." Cutest. Evah!

Also on the list...twinkies, red velvet cake, shamrock shakes, red wine and mimosas!

Have a delightful evening!



Anonymous said...

Love all your loves! And I also like how now Brad somehow has to have a blog to inspire children undergoing hip surgery. Put it in the chore jar!

I still always LOL that Curtis's DAD was the weiner dog and the MOM was the lab. lol on that whole scene when it went down. Was there a struggle? Was their acquiescence? Only the wind, and perhaps a couple of birds, know.

Daisy IS a sweetun - so calm since you two first "met" several years ago. I didn't know she hated children! I guess that's because I'm not a child.

I hope Emerson's enjoying his new turtle! This is a great pic of him shying away from you all, and yes, he IS fantastic, just like all J-15s!

I want to see your catch phrase written on that chalkboard in beautiful, elaborate script.

your cousin/bff

Tina said...

Barry the turtle was purchased last night! I'm sure their household was buzzing with excitement! We purchased Em a turtle log "bottom weighted! So Barry cannot accidentally tip over!" and some cool decal thingy for the back of his tank. Done in a shipwreck style that Em was quite enamored with!

Chore Jar? You know it! Solid Gold YOU and hilarious!!