Monday, March 19, 2012

Before & After- Living Room- Sneak Peek!

Get ready to BOUNCE, kids!

I am painting in the living room! Yep, I am so impressed, happy and inspired by the kitchen makeover that I am now painting the living room fireplace wall. The WHOLE oak built-in will be painted the same white as the kitchen cabinets.

Here are two befores:

No guarantee as to when this will be finished, but I "feel" I can confidently say "A few days time."

Must share: I will be eating a Twinkie and perhaps some other cakes or cake-like foods while preparing for this project! The name of this blog is no lie..I LOVE cake!

Have a beautiful Monday! It's like summer here in Minnesota!


Anonymous said...

Yayy!! I can comment again!

I'm very, very, very excited for your forthcoming white fireplace. Maybe we can fall asleep in front of it together and wake up sweating. Maybe I'll be wearing your socks and we won't know "how that happened".

your cousin/bff (who really needs to get ON gettin' a google ID to be used publically)


Brandi said...

Good luck painting your room. We have that same shade in our family room. My husband picked it out and is giving me a hard time about painting over it. Have fun with your remodel!!