Friday, March 23, 2012

All Comfy, All The Time. Me + Comfy Knits= ?

Is it bad that I really only wear comfy cottons? I have so many nice dresses and cute tops, but I have noticed one thing...and it is something my best friend has noticed too. I will REALLY only continually wear the comfy knits. The other items get brought out here and there for an appearance, but only the "comfies" prevail.  It is such an issue with  me that when I've WORN other things, I get a giggle from my Bff and a "WHAT are you wearing? YOU like comfy knits!" to which I replied "Huh?"  I then paid attention over the next month or so and she was right: I really only wear the comfy knits. So I need them to ROCK and to be soo special that you don't notice that I'm basically always in a jumper or tracksuit or yoga pant.

It also seems to be what I'm drawn to on Pinterest. While others pin fantasy dresses and great shoes and pants, I pin comfy knits.

May I present to you my recent top favorites? Please enjoy!

All images via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest and Polyvore:

Apparently this next little ditty can be your own t-shirt, upcycled! I'm IN!

Sadly (or fabulously! You decide!) this could be used as a mildly fancy outfit:

Notice a theme yet? Again, I really didn't until I was laughed at. By one Kim P.! You know who you are! but you were right. :-)

I could be seen rocking something similar to this on any day "out" between October and May. I'm not ashamed of this because for me it's "fancy" AND it's mostly cotton and knits:

I guess that the end of the day, it's just better to know what you like, what you will wear and what will not just sit in your closet for years. Right?

I'd wear something like this when I go "Beyond Comfy Knits" and it's soo pretty. I can guarantee I'd probably only wear it a few times per year though. Bethenny Frankel says "Know Thyself." Couldn't agree more. I've made peace.

This is me.  

Holla!!  Have a great weekend!


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Mike said...

I'm like that too. I only wear cloths that are really comfortable. I wear these ten dollar sweet pants all day long. Even though I have a nice pair of jeans. Comfort should always come first.