Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Wedding, Northern Minnesota's Beauty & Red Velvet Wedding Cake!

Two Harbors, MN on Friday day .Perfect day! We were in Duluth/Two Harbors for Brad's friend Jill's wedding. We decided to make a fun two day excursion for the wedding. It was soo much fun! Perfect weather, sunny, not too hot yet cool enough for a lovely sweater that Brad surprised me with (more on that in a bit)..beautiful!

We took a little hike here with the dogs. They  loved it. I think it's the happiest I've seen Daisy (our older dog who is 12) in at least two years. She was pulling on her leash, fell in love with a woman hiking on the trail and trying to run up large rocks. 

Good Times, Bradders. Good Times.

We take a lot of self shots that are...let's be honest here...less than stellar. I like them because they're somewhat natural, remind me of a time and place we shared AND favorite thing? Brad always makes fun of me and generally says something like "Where ARE you looking? You're not even looking at the camera!" So now I just look off somewhere because I find it funny.

Jill and Jon's Wedding on Friday evening. Perfect. It was a bit chilly on Lake Superior but so beautiful!  Brad kept getting bit by flies and I kept telling him "Quiet!"  The pastor/minister was "wordy" and seemed to want to tell a lot of personal stories. I don't know the man so for me it was a bit odd and he seemed long winded. I'm hoping Jill and Jon knew him well and were like "Yes! You KNOW it!" I'll never know and I will not ask!

They have a blended family now and I loved the sand combining. Very pretty!

A few of the ladies dancing to the ELECTRIC SLIDE!! The DJ was funny because he came over and asked me "What's it going to take to get you to dance?" and I pointed to Brad and said "My husband had hip surgery a few months ago and really shouldn't be busting a move. You're doing a great job, it's not your music." Fast forward to an hour later. A friend's hubby is annoyed that the DJ will not play any of his requests. He really wants to hear boy bands. So I went up and requested "Bye Bye Bye" by NSync ( I think?) and he played it and yes..that got both Brad AND me and many others out on the dance floor! Even our waitress whose boyfriend had been behaving poorly. It was SO much fun. Brad has so many great work friends that I met for the first time and it was a blast.

Lanterns! These were ordered by Brad off of Amazon. They're pretty large, super fun & eco-friendly. They disintegrate eventually. We let these off by Lake Superior after the wedding in the wee hours. We also had a bonfire. It was chilly, but fun!! They are beautiful once you get the hang of trying to get a bunch in the air at the same time. I like to think it was our own Lantern Festival!

Finally...the wedding cakes were fabulous! Little pieces just kept arriving at our table! I think Brad had like six....sorry Brad. You've been OUTED.  There was traditional cake, something with lemon (I'd like to say "lemon scented" but know that's not correct.) and RED VELVET. Shriek! You read that right! Red. Velvet. Yes!!

I also had champagne, red wine...some fun & yummy appetizers of beef wellington I was told...and some other salami, artichoke, olive thingy that I quite adored.  I have more photos to share, but Blogger will not allow it right now.

Talking about all of the food is making me hungry. It's chilly  here today and I'm feeling the need for some kind of mashed potato afternoon extravaganza!

Have a lovely Sunday!!



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