Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I Can Get On Board With.

Kite Art in Emerson's classroom. Yes, they will be having "Kite Flying Day" in a few weeks time. I find that darling. I don't recall my elementary school doing things like this.

 We got to visit after his spring concert. I was able to see his little desk and how very organized it is. Sorry, no pics of that. I didn't want to embarrass him by taking weird photos. We bought some things at the Target dollar spot a few weeks ago. He chose a few colorful file folders. I thought it was cute and asked why. "Well, I can really organize my desk at school with this!" and lo and behold..he did! Thanks to his $1 choice, little man's desk is quite organized.

Little kids singing. They did "Crawdad Song" which  Emerson has been singing since winter time. Also...he's a huge fan of  "You're A Grand Old Flag", it is very cute. He spent a lot of the concert chatting with his little pal in front of him here. He and Kid in striped shirt were giggling...looking off into the distance, making jokes. I found it quite cute. Thanks to my  Sony point and shoot for the great quality! I was trying NOT to move. Alas, this is what I ended up with. Em is in the tuxedo shirt. He wore that to my wedding as ringbearer!

I love this little reading nook in his classroom. This is Emerson and Andrew.

This chair was a curbside steal years back. I think it was an ugly green with horrible fabric on the seat. I would like to say "Oh, I saw its wonderful details and lines and knew it would be great." but the truth? Back then I was a poor design student, saw it one night driving home in Minneapolis and TOOK it. With paint and    burlap it has become quite beautiful to me.

My dahlias! These are absolutely beautiful. I have never bought these before and I can tell you this: They make me smile everyday!

Free downloads! I printed this out a few months back & placed it in a cheapish frame. It makes me happy. I bought the bowl at a thrift store with my best friend, Kim. She bought the matching bowl. It's very Martha Stewartish, I think. I swear I saw Martha staining and sealing a bowl similar to this years back.

Bought this at a flea market a few weeks back and I LOVE it. It's some sort of suitcase/pail/picnic basket/purse. I don't know.  I just know I love it. I expected my husband to like it more than he does. Perhaps he's just not sharing his enthusiasm over it? Who knows? Why? He had a set of very nice decorative cases and suitcases when I met him. We still have them. He used to keep Daisy's dog toys in them. He has a great eye and his townhome was beautifully decorated by HIM. I digress. When we moved into our home, he had movers deliver all of his items. For a few days, the suitcases were missing. He got very upset one day and decided "The movers took them!"  Me: "Huh? Don't get me wrong, they are nice..but those guys were moving flatscreen TV's of yours and very nice things. Why would three straight guys want your decorative cases?" and he replied (upset): "Because they are really NICE!" LOL. I'm  laughing again!  About a week later, I found them and told Brad "Your stolen cases have been FOUND!" I don't think he finds it funny like I do (sorry honey!) but I still find it HILARIOUS.

My peonies are about to bloom! This is early for Minnesota! And they are twice as huge as they were last year! The first year after planting them, they did nothing. The second year, a flower on each one. Last year..a bit of growth. This year= HUGE!

My favorite Weinerschnitzel/Lab Animal! He's excited about the backyard where he now runs freely. He's wiped out by 10pm and he's VERY excited about all of the greenery and flowers..don't let that poker face fool you.

I'm off to an eye appointment. I can only hope to get those cool glaucoma glasses to drive home in after my eyes are dilated.




toko baju muslim pria said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL on your comment to Brad about the inherent value of his TV in comparison to the suitcases. I don't remember seeing them! Now I feel like I need a tour! The interior, the exterior, I think I need to touch one. "Each one, reach one." <--no apparent reason.

I love our Martha Stewart bowls. Mine are dancing about my bookcases, holding bookmarks and rocks.

Is that the chair from my entryway, the one you gifted me long ago because I had nothing, after the hijacking at my house closing? Or is that a different chair? Either way, gorge!! As in gorgeOUS, not gorge as in "cram it in your face along with this mound of grits!"

I love that Emerson is so organized. So cute! And maybe his friend is going to be his long term yin to his yang, like us!

I'm also totally "on board" with kite day. I think I need one in the work place. I need to somehow find a way to convince my boss to handcraft a mobile above my desk! Even better if he suddenly whips out the protective scissors with the rounded tips. Word!

I luhs you!!

your cousin/bff/Kim

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice darling! Check my blog and...maybe you wanna folloow each other? kisses from Romania ;)


Anonymous said...
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