Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me, My B/F/F, Flowers & Buffalo

My best friend Kim drove an HOUR to my house yesterday so we could spend the day together hitting the thrift and quaint stores of Buffalo, MN.

The weather was nice.

I was wearing my cool new sweater that she told me was "sexy". I kid you not. It's got a hood on it. I don't see that as sexy. But that's what a true friend does: Lifts you up.

We excitedly drove to Buffalo which is about a half hour from my house. It's a beautiful country drive. She asked me about the many areas of water on the way. So much so (and it was hilarious and cute) that my answer ended up being "I just enjoy the beauty of the various waterways here. I don't question the design or the why."

We park. We hit the spot downtown where the tar is squishy and satisfying to stick a shoe into. Yes, I know it sounds like I'm 8 again. There's just something very satisfying about walking over it. I think I may have yelled "look! the heel of my boot is in it now! Man!!"

Don't judge.

Me and Kim. How cute is she?
She has the highest level of excitement of anyone I have ever known. She has been known to say things similar to this "..and then we'll go to the GAS STATION together, Yayyy!"

She is adorable. Hilariously funny.  Crazy smart. And she has been my memory for the past 30 years. (we are cousins first and foremost. I've known her as long as I've known about ME.) She is also a good barometer for what I should and shouldn't do. She's always very supportive and is friendly when you do "wrong".  She has said this to me "Well...I mean..that wasn't the BEST way to go about it or perhaps the BEST way to say it. But hey."

I digress. We got to our favorite little store in Buffalo and...IT WAS CLOSED.  I think we both gasped! The horror. Apparently the hours have changed and they are now only open specific days. So..like a bunch of weirdos, we sat staring in the windows of a darkened store for a good 20 minutes oohing and ahhhing over what we would have bought.  We contemplated calling the "help" number and letting them know that we were ready to buy and buy BIG if someone would come in for an hour to sell us stuff.

We also hit the Dollar General a few blocks away. Kim almost ran over the guy who works there. She will fight me on this, but the wheels of her car got VERYCLOSE to him.

We were forced to move on to...flowers!!!

These were taken with my phone so they're not GREAT, but you get the idea.

I wish this had turned out better, but I have my memories! The outdoor flower market is right next to the lake and it's sooo pretty!

I bought some begonias and dahlias and we moved on to ANOTHER closed antique store (note to self: Not on Mondays in smalltown Minnesota, I guess.) but were able to peruse the wares out back.

This little sign actually read  "nice red shelf". How's that for selling? Almost "ballsy" in its simplicity! Now that's confidence!  Thanks to my droid phone for its amazing photographic capabilities.

I can't be sure, but I really "feel" like this dog sculpture is the pose of a dog, ANY dog really in formation to go to the biffy. And I don't mean just peeing. Good times!

The obligatory sculpture and old doors and windows area. Ahh. I love it!

Finally. Truer words (for me) could not be spoken.  Image via Pinterest

It was a lovely day! LOVELY! Now it's about to rain here and the wind has kicked up, as per usual. I don't think I'll be planting anything today. But I do have my memories and like an older person...perhaps today is a day for "watching my stories."

I don't know.

Wishing you a splendid Tuesday!!  (To Kim: "We're Tuesday people!")




Anonymous said...

YeeOW!! Special sauce!!

Thank you for immortalizing me and my unsettling advance towards full blown attention deficit - you left out that while I pointed out waterways, at every juncture, it was in no way related to the conversation at hand. Me: "So as I was saying, Ace Hardware makes these amazing new socket wrenches....hey! Look at that snake-y, whatachamahooch thingy over there...you know, those big water stripes through the grass, oh what do you call it...you know...ugh...those river things..."

I love that picture of us! It was a perfect, hilarious day...the only kind we have! Or as my husband says, "I knew you were talking to your cousin...when you two are together, there's just a lotttt of laughing." Even when we are not "on" we are "on" enough for each other!

And you DID look all sassy in that hoody type deal! Rawr! No one could look away - men, women, ducks! It just really wrapped around your form in a very ba-donk-ah-DONK way. "BAM! In your FACE!" - said your torso. It was awesome. You know you is purty! "Hey, you know I have ALWAYS said I would be HAPPY to ride tandem bikes with you!"

Also, you could wear an apple sack and STILL look hot! Even birds would be so attracted they'd try to fly into you as if you were a very reflective piece of glass.

The iron pooping dogs are exactly the kind of thing you'd find in the corner of someone's basement - they're right up there with those "bears do it in the woods" wood burned toilet paper holders and Hamm's beer collections. Klassy with a K!

And aren't you glad I purposely hunted for the squishy parking lot tar? Because it gave us a chance to retell the same stories: you sticking your hands in the soft tar on your street as a kid, thereby enraging your mom, and me thinking I could pull up all the cracked tar on my own street, because it looked like a puzzle and I was CERTAIN I could easily fit it back together. Wrong! Also enraging my mom.

Teach me your garden skills!

We are good friends because we have known each other since shortly after you emerged into the world! "You can't get more pure than that!"

I luhs you like I luhs cake!

your cousin/bff/Kim

Anonymous said...

lol and I forgot to add, I WILL fight you on the fact that I "almost hit" that old guy who worked at the Dollar Store. I "like" how if I let you tell the story, I would have somehow gunned the engine, LURCHING past his terrified face, barely grazing his JC Penney's easy-fit sweater with my mirrors. Perhaps even knocking over a walker (which he did not have).

Hat tip for your hyperbole in this example!

ballin' it,

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

OMG and LOL.


", barely grazing his JC Penney's easy-fit sweater with my mirrors. "

Good stuff, Maynard.

I maintain that the man was in peril, period.


"You keep me young, Kim. You keep me young."