Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Kid Cheats A Bit.

Had this little guy at our house for a sleepover last week.

It was great fun. Emerson. Such a sweet boy and a wise soul in a kid body.

I recently painted a wall in our mudroom with chalkboard paint. Nothing has ever looked "right" back there, so I decided to go with fun. Brad hates it. Emerson and I had a good time playing Tic Tac Toe (or Dough..depending on where you are regionally, I guess.)

He "generally" wins as his strategy is perhaps..a bit better. As you can see under the heart...he made a move, realized **I** was going to win & then? Erased his move with his little finger! The evidence is there! The smeared chalk! It is also why I wrote "cheat!" to the right of that area. Lol. So cute. We also got into "winner, winner, chicken dinner!"

I'm assuming this fun area will make Brad think "Oh! I like it. It just took me a week!"

We also hit a Goodwill while Emerson was here. I was looking for cool, old frames. He was upset and said "I just don't WANT to go in there!"  Me: "Well, you can't stay in the car. We will be quick."  Emerson: "I hate the way it smells in there!"  Me: "We will try to be really quick. Come on." We head in. I find various cool frames. He goes to the toy area and lo and behold...Target has just off-loaded a bunch of new "Redakai" games. Normally $15.99. Emerson's price? $1.99 each! HUGE savings. He ended up getting three games. He was SO excited and as we left said "I think I saved like fifty dollars! I didn't even mind the smell!" Exactly.

My extended weekend was fun. Hung out with my b/f/f on  Saturday night and we rocked the town of Maple Grove by eating barbecue & then having turkey burger sliders! She also had a taste of my martini (she doesn't drink) and said "Ooh! It's good! Can I have another sip?" and later "I feel warm and tingly!" So cute. No photos of our date, but I do have a video AND a man at another table fell deeply in love with her and stared at her for a large part of the evening.

My niece Kirsten and I had manicures and pedicures on Monday. It was what she wanted for her birthday. My debit card was declined although there is money in my checking account. No one spoke english so to say it was difficult is putting it mildly. It also reminded me of why I find mani/pedis strange: The ladies who work there are generally so nice, but it's very odd to have someone doing your nails and to not be able to talk to them much about anything. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong, but we just didn't speak the same language. I was also stabbed in the toe and it bled. My niece had never had her nails done, so I didn't want to scare her. I pretended like it wasn't a big deal, while on the inside it HURT. Maybe I was even scared. I just don't know. I DO know that I like the massage chairs but NOT the butt option. It felt like it was trying to make my hips smaller by crushing them. I just say NO.

Topped the day off with a big breakfast...Kirsten (my sweet niece) buying a messenger style purse for her upcoming trip to Costa Rica!! She's in college studying elementary education, she'll be a teacher. She's going for a month this summer. I know she's a bit scared, but I'm SO excited for her!!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I did eat TWO boxes of punjab choley! Yow!!

Thank You, Indian Gods at Trader Joes! Holla!

I also give you- my two beautiful nieces! Madison on the left and Kirsten on the right. 
Cutest, sweetest girls. Inside and out. Madison has regularly made me things for years now. I've received knitted scarves, artwork, a little pillow with cool fabric. She's the bomb!

I am  now off to work. We may try and put our new outdoor canopy up in the 30 mph constant winds...we'll see, I guess! The wind NEVER dies here. It's either windy or calm the next day and 90 degrees. Which leads to...another storm or windy day following.

Holla of Hollas!!

Happiest of Tuesdays! Design Star begins tonight! Rarr!!



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