Monday, May 7, 2012

Building Friends By Building A Fence

We really need to corral our two chitlins. They are sweet, but Miss Daisy is old and a bit crazy. She can't really be trusted with little ones and has been "known" to run, growl & end up on our newish neighbor's front door step (insert huge YIKES here. Yes, I felt like a total A-Hole that day! What do you say? "Sorry! She seems to think the whole block including your casa is hers! He He.") and do a full-on flip out.

Our little baby on the right..Curtis...has a tendency to run after anyone on a bike, motorcycle...birds, leaves...cotton....he'll end up six blocks away following a bird and it's SCARY.  We have been gifted with a free fence from my brother (Thank you, Steve! I know you don't read this blog, but thank you!) and hopefully in a few days, these two will be running around our backyard, chasing balls..God knows what else while I can sit, enjoy & not worry about anyone going missing OR a neighbor or small child being scared to death. Yayyy! So excited.

Thank YOU, Bradders! Here he is on Saturday, pounding posts into our clay ground. According to the man at the rental place, this is some of the hardest clay in the land. After trying to garden here, I concur!

Seriously...he's so cute. I luhhhs him.

In other news...Brad has given me a cold as he's an RN and is a bit of what I'd deem a "carrier pigeon" of disease. Ugh. Nothing like sucking on Halls mentholyptus cough drops in May!

Also...saw Celeb Apprentice last night and spoiler alert..Lisa Lampanelli was fired.

She is a horrible human being. Watching her made me feel sick. Sadly, I found it funny when Lou Ferrigno told her weeks back "If you were a man, I would have hit you."  She's definitely no woman's woman. AWFUL human.

Clay Aiken: You're kind of weak. For a gay man who has most likely been put down throughout life, you should stick up for others more.

Just sayin.

Hope your Monday is fabulous!



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Anonymous said...

Sacrebleu! A cold?? I think a cold in spring is one of the 7 signs of the apocalypse. I say NO.

Yes on Curtis and Daisy! And as I said to you earlier, Curtis was so ON me the last time I was there that I am now "with puppy". He was either totally into me or I just smelled like yard waste. "Awesome". What's funny is that I never realized Daisy had a beef with small kids because I never saw it, until I realized I didn't see it because, hey, that's right, *I* am not a kid! Sometimes I forget.

You should sometime take a pic of all the random objects-turned-playthings strewn here and there and share it with your readers. Just visually, stand alone, it's hilarious. As are your two "kids".

I didn't know your backyard earth was such a jerk towards your tools. Yay that you now have a fence! Freedom!

Ask Brad what it feels like to be so photogenic. Aside from the dogs, he is the most easy going when it comes to getting his photo taken. "Sure, I'm just eatin' a slim jim, but take it anyway!" You: "You ate it DIFFERENTLY last time. Try chewing it from the bottom!" Note to anyone who reads this: Tina and I have a (well meaning) habit of making people continually recreate something hilarious that they've just done, until their expressions, inflections, tone, and mannerisms exactly match the way they unintentionally did it the first time. We can be heard saying things akin to: " it again! But say the Oreo part OrEEEo! You said the EEE longer, and with more of an Irish brogue!" It's a sickness. All in good fun, but still a sickness.

Anyway, the reason Brad CAN be so relaxed about getting his photo taken is that he just doesn't TAKE a bad photo! I'm sure even his driver's license photo would blow your collar off. It must be nice!

I'm happy to get your insights on the Celeb Apprentice, because you know I just can't watch something that reminds me too much of the work world. I'm sad to hear that Clay isn't the red haired ninja I hoped he'd be. Sidebar: apparently Arsenio said such HORRIBLE things that they were unable to air 80% of what he said, even with some really solid BLEEP technology. I mean, if what you've said is SO bad that they can't even bleep it out or even fuzzily pixellate your gestures, that ain't great. It's especially horrible if even Lisa L.'s horrible tirades COULD be bleeped, and Arsenio's were WORSE. Ugh.

sidebar: Lisa L. and Bethenny are apparently friends. If she's as horrible as you've said on this show, this bums me out.

Suck those cough drops down to nubs, because I want you well sooner rather than later.

your cousin/bff/Kim