Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Love Via Pinterest!

It looks like this is becoming a weekly "thing" for me. I'm digging it. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest and I love having it all in one place.

One of my favorite things to say to people. I can't recall who said it ridiculously in a movie..was it Sasha Baron Cohen or Zach Galifinakiasssss? Either way, I hear one of them saying "Holla!" whenever I say it and that's why it's funny to me!

This sweater caught my eye today. It's reminiscent of the one I bought recently except I wear mine with jeans and a shirt or tank rather than a bikini. It fits well, hugs the body and is flattering. So is this one!

These outdoor mason jars seem to be my new favorite thing. Apparently..this is some sort of paint and it's supposed to be easy to accomplish

Want to make a nice summer-y and orange-y cocktail? Throw some oranges and WODKA in a mason jar or ANY jar, let it "stew" for a bit and voila! Pretty and fun!

Our latest family pyramid- Second Generation! The kids are now involved and it is fun!! From L-R bottom to top: Me, nephew Nick, niece Kirsten. 2nd Tier: Niece Madison and my sister Dawn. Top Tier: Emerson! My nephew. He was really good at getting up there and I felt very little weight as he and Madison are so small. Such cuteness. I love my family.

Poster that makes me happy.

Found this awhile back and it makes me smile everytime I see it!

This makes my heart smile.

Finally...ordered this for a friend's wedding next week. Turned out SO cute. The woman, Susan is wonderful to work with, she's funny & crazy fast. I received my proofs in less than two days. She has a shop on Etsy called BeachWritingsNJ. Link to her shop:

Have a fabulous weekend and wonderful Mother's Day! I'll be doing the Race for the Cure on Mother's Day in honor of my mom.  My mom is pictured below. She was lovely.



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