Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Health Right Over!

I've been "down with the sickness" literally...since Monday. Ugh & Double Up Ugh UGH!!

What I've been "up to" for the past 4 days. My loyal little friend here makes illness better and more difficult. He cuddles and is so sweet, but gets bored and angry after awhile.  I weakly threw balls for him...and most of the throws were very, very lame.

All I recall is having a dreamy & hilarious brunch with my nephew Emerson on Sunday, feeling fine, eating WAY too much Tex Mex skillet & french toast...and waking up Monday with what I THOUGHT was a food hangover. It just never went away!  Anyway...I'm back and boy do I have stories!

Ha! They would be mostly of the uninteresting variety & in 98% of them I am wearing my pajamas! I will refer to this week as "Humbling". As I started to feel a bit better & got sick of lying on the couch, I headed to our backyard to help Brad remove a FREE fence (thanks to my brother! Sidebar: SUPER excited about having a fenced in area for the puppy to run around in! He runs after birds, geese, paper, little people, fuzz, etc..) from the back of our truck.  As I grabbed two LIGHT poles & placed them under our deck, I felt something and had that "Uh oh" feeling as in "Did I just pull something? Huh? I didn't even DO anything!"

Yes, friends...apparently all of the lying around, no exercise & certainly NO kind of stretching whatsoever didn't really set me up for a moment of bending & stooping.  I walked back into the house, sort of laughing and explaining to Brad what happened. I realized I couldn't bend over or move to the left very well.  Once in the house, I suddenly have a weird foot cramp and can't "unbend" my toe. Seriously? This kind of stuff rarely happens & for that I am grateful. Later on,  over dinner (my sister and nephew came over. We had Brad's homemade chicken and wild rice soup) I start choking. At this point, I'm not even embarrassed, but just annoyed with my body in general. I know it's not fair, but it's honestly how I felt. Dawn asks "Are you okay? What's wrong?" and I replied "Just choking on some cracked pepper! Should be over soon." It wasn't that fluid as I was coughing it out, but you get the idea. A TRIFECTA of issues in one 4 hour period! It was just..bizarre. The best part? Emerson asking "I'd really like for you to come outside and play football with me."  Me: "Kid, I can hardly move. I'm a glass of water away from Urgent Care!"

It makes me laugh now, but MAN (said like MAY YUN!) I felt old. I feel like those moments are perhaps glimpses into the future IF I don't take good care of myself as I age. It's scary. And humbling.

Color Me Humbled!

In other news: A neighbor put dog poop in our recycling bin early Thursday morning. That was a pleasant gift! Who does that? I have two dogs. I have carried poop in bags for two blocks until I get home & am able to properly dispose of it. Everyone knows the blue is the recycling. You can't get it confused with the BROWN plastic garbage. WTF people? I felt violated.

On the positive side..I have been able to catch up on reading and am loving this book- Thank YOU Shannan FPFG for recommending this author to me. I absolutely LOVE her writing style:

And I watched a cheesy yet fun movie with Nicolas Cage during the day while ill. Sitting & actually watching  TV or movies during the day is something I rarely do, with actual focus anyway!

Finally..let me leave you with a FAB Easter photo of me and my sister Dawn..circa 1982??

LOVED that shirt (I'm on the left) and was so very excited that my stick straight hair was holding a curl!


Hollas & Healing!



Anonymous said...

That's my shirt!! "That's my purse!!" - Bobby Hill. Sorry to hear about your peppercorn foot-stroke ailing days - i want to punch the sick right in the balls for you, and for me, since you missed out on some legendary, truly awkward moments.

This is my first attempt to respond here while traveling, using my teeny tiny keyboard on my phone.

Sidebar: i think the poop ninjas did this on purpose. Because who does that? The writer inside this comment says: no one.

Ending this comment now, because autocorrect wants to change every word into something to do with farming.

Your cousin/bff said...

ahh..Shazzer. You make me laugh too much!

That is one of my fave quotes ever, thanks to you.

Thanks for wanting to punch the sick 'in the balls" and so sorry your autocorrect was trying out farming on you in the late hours. Rats!

This comment from you illustrates to me, why YOU SIR, are so hilarious. Spot on and FUNNAY!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I knew you would! (love it, that is.)

Hope you're on the mend, Tiny. The world needs you to be Healthy!

ps : "Ending this comment now, because autocorrect wants to change every word into something to do with farming."

Ha ha ha! Are all your people funny??

Anonymous said...

@Flower Patch Farm Girl

Tina's cousin/bff here - lol thanks, but it's true! Autocorrect DID want to change my "how" to "cow" and so on and so forth. And re: whether all her/our people are "funny": one of the positive legacies handed down to us by our families, besides loud talking, wild gesturing, and nimble, cat like moves, is a family that likes to laugh. Lots of laughing and perhaps even scream-laughing at our houses. Our grandmother's birthday was often filled with many gag gifts.

btw, you are spot on to call Tina "tiny", as to ME, she is miniature and adorable. I frequently point out all the random small spaces she could fit into, if she wanted. "You could totally fit in here!" I might say, pointing to the slim upper drawer in a vanity. If anyone can do it, she can. Very bendy, that one! Just think of what an amazing attack ninja she could be - no one would see it coming.

She can back me on this, but I always tell her she's a version of Christina Applegate. She will deny she looks anything like this, but really, whenever we're out together, she turns heads. But like all women, she regularly denies being as attractive as she is. She's "cray cray" that way.

And she has nothing but solid gold things to say about you and your blog! She has loved your blog since she found it - you had her at "hello".

- Tina's cousin/bff/Kim :)