Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Review

I think it was a smashing success, really.  Here is Emerson trying to win money on his scratch off ticket (the "prizes" for winning the scavenger hunt were...scratch off lottery tickets. Brad's idea. No haters. It was all in good fun. I think a total of maybe $5 was won.) and Madison is on her new iPad. Nice gift from her grandparents for easter! At one point she was "videochatting" or I'd call it videoconferencing with her best friend. It was cute, but odd. All of a sudden, the iPad would be sort of shoved in your face and her friend (Ashley, I believe) would be there staring at you and you at her. "Hi. Happy Easter!" and after the third time, what do you say? It made me realize why Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter do that segment making fun of tweens and teens with their video chat, saying stuff like "Yeah..this sucks, man!" because quite simply: I think after 10 minutes they get bored and there's just not much to say that's interesting. But M-Dog is enjoying it and that's all that matters. That's her gymnastics nickname. I have a tendency to want to call her Maddie, but she hates it. Ah, well.

Emerson, Madison & Andrew. I do believe this is where he won his first dollar!!

Amanda turned 13 on Easter!! She just got braces and blue contact lenses and looked very pretty. This pic doesn't do her justice. She's a teenager now!

Me and Brad. Look at how cute he is! That face, those cheeks! That cute bald head! I slapped some make up on  so I'm not sure why I look SO pale, but not every photo can be a fave!!

John (Dawn's amour), Me, My sister Dawn, Lovely sister-in-law Lori.

Lori and Madison..right before bday cake unveiling. They left the remainder of that cake here! I "loved" that, yet feared it at the same time. Why? Because I knew I'd have NO problem eating it all! There are currently two small pieces left. I've never mentioned on here that I have a sugar allergy. If I eat too much, I get hives. Yes, it's pretty! Benadryl to the rescue! Sometimes you just have to eat what you want!

My nephew Nick & niece Kirsten. They are brother and sister and the oldest of the nieces and nephews. I always joke that by the time Brad and I have a baby, they could literally be 25 or 26 years the kid's senior! They both just had birthdays! Nick is 18, Kiki is 21!! And yes, their parents make beautiful kids!

My brother Steve. This is right before the scavenger hunt where he was threatening to just hang at my house with the dogs. "I don't like games!" Baby. He did go. He complained. I secretly think he enjoys it. In the background are Richard and Carol, his in-laws. Love them. A few years ago he lied to me telling me "They're older and they don't like those games, Tina!" and then they told my husband months later "We had so much fun at Easter and the scavenger hunt was fun!" SO MUCH SO that they did their own later that year camping with the family!!

Andrew angry because he lost twice: the scavenger hunt itself AND no cash prizes via his scratch off ticket. We DID find out that he is able to shove a whole piece of birthday cake in his mouth at one time and eat it. See below.

Now that is something!! His face looks the same when he eats toast with jelly. He gets a jelly smile or mustache!

Baby Dog Curtis at days fashion forward Easter  Kerchief (Thanks Brad!) and exhausted. He is very social. I think he had the time of his life! This is where he nods off to sleep.

My first tulip of the year!! It's going below freezing tonight (Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold..Crazy weather!) so I'll have to cover it with some burlap, I guess? I don't know. Minnesota is such a weird place to live. 

I'm off to eat the last of said cake, I think a brownie is left & some taco dip & honey glazed carrots are calling my name!

Have a splendid evening!


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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Dear Heaven almighty, I am so behind. Your family is tres Barbie-esque - in the best possible way! So many beautiful people!

Also, I adore that you are always screaming and shouting about how cute Brad is. Love the love.

Rock this Thursday, Tiny.