Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mexico Revisited & Paula Deen Sunbathing!

Realized recently that when I did my Mexico 2012 post that I completely forgot to share that a Paula Deen Look-A-Like was there with us on the beach for a few days!

Paula! Is that you?!

In real life, she could be Ms. Deen's doppelganger. I kid you not. I had to stare from afar (with sunglasses on so as  not to be rude and I tried to make it look like I was looking elsewhere.) so as to be sure. As a joke, I thought I would report to everyone "Indeed she DID have a hamburger! Two!" but then I thought "Nah."  I would like to make it clear that I LOVE Paula Deen. I do watch her show, I don't get Anthony Bourdain's aggression toward her AND she reminds me of my best friend Stephanie in Tennessee (not now, but what Steph may be like in 30 years.) I love southern accents, the use of "ya'll" and prior to her diabetes- the use of all of that butter & sugar!  It can't last forever for any of us, I guess.

I miss that water! We had a freakishly mild & some might say..beautiful March only to be somewhat disappointed by what April has had to offer here in Minnesota. I jumped the gun, bought tulips and some dianthus & now I have to pull everything inside at night when it gets cold. One day the windows are open, the next day the heater is back on WITH fireplace. It makes dressing somewhat confusing & I will tell you this: I am sick of wearing socks and boots, sweatshirts and winter attire!

Summer everyday & "Things that are alive and blooming for 500, please!"

Ahhh..Mr. Weaver..why are you so cute??

No threat of a possible frost kill here!

Brad taking the Hobie out for another spin.

Brad's little bird friends. We saw them everyday & I'd say "Brad! Your little friends are here!" and then he'd ask "Why are they MY friends?" and I'd say "That's just the way it is, Bradders."

Yep, I'm "that person" you'll see on a vacation who is taking odd shots of things. I love this. It reminds me of exactly why I like the caribbean. The structures & use of materials. Love.

And again!

Yep, I have a tendency to return this pale from any tropical vacation I take! I've grown tired of ruining my skin for a 3 day TOPS "tan". I even had a couple ask on this vacation "Did you just get here?"  Me: "Nope, I just wear 50+ spf."

In other news..I decided to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday as I have cabin fever AND my jeans are getting tight. "A winning combination!"..the result: I am sore today! I also have a hankering for penne rosa at Noodles. I knew nothing good comes from working out. Ha!

Have a beautiful Sunday!



Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oh, I adore thee. Thank you for the shout out to Bradders. I think of it as much for me as for him.

You have forever immortalized your Mexican vacay. THAT'S what I love about blogs! You can come back and read it 10 years from now, and I daresay you'll be impressed with your wit. said...

I adore thee BACK.

As I was writing how cute Brad is..I recall thinking "I think I know someone who will LOVE the LOVE!"

Thank you for the comment, Shiny and for..I think..calling me "witty".


Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.