Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY In "My World", Dandelion Love & My Flowering Tree

Hello Friends.

Please view Exhibit A. I bought this small bookcase at a thrift store years back for $5! It was made of cheap wood & so I eventually painted it white & loved it.

About a week ago, I saw these words "Free DIY Quatrefoil Download!" and so I clicked, saw the project (a very cute plate and very well done!) and decided that MY bookcase needed quatrefoil!

To be fair...the woman giving the free download who had done the project did mention "Be sure to use cardstock when printing this out."

I am lazy at times. I just used our regular printer paper and thought "I'm a designer! I can make this work."

Lazy Printer Paper Version!!

During. As you can see, I was trying. Had my sandpaper out. High quality tape for home projects!

After. Eh.
Don't get me wrong. I love me some quatrefoil!  I need to finish the whole piece and touch up areas with white paint where the cheap paper RAISED and got wet and messy with paint. Hence the "Use cardstock or something thick" recommendation. That's exactly why this remains "in this state"..I have to get cardstock and do this properly. Getting cardstock also means I have to use an Xacto knife to carve out the relief again. A job I'm just not sure I'm ready to do again.

I share this because I'm a designer and an artist. Perhaps after seeing this, you will feel the need to argue that point. Fair enough, peeps!  It's fun to see the great and beautiful online and everywhere. I think it's also important to view the "Should've followed directions more carefully" as well as "We can't all be good at everything, dammit!"

"We need to work on your craftsmanship." I was told that in design school early on. This reminds me of that warning.

In other news that is completely unrelated: I had the misfortune of catching "Big Rich Texas" on TV the other night. God awful! Seriously? Those people are TERRIBLE. Their kids are spoiled brats, the mothers are gossips, the plastic surgery has reached unfortunate levels. The one daughter continually proclaims that she wants a boob job, but not just any. She wants porn star boobs. Parenting Failure! Ugh. I watched until the commercial and felt bummed out & dirty. I can say with certainty that I will never watch it again.

My trees are flowering! I love this time of year, minus the ticks!!

I love dandelions! I always tell my nephew "Some people will fight you on this kid, but I am telling you that dandelions are God's FREE flowers!" He used to call them Little Katrinias when he was little. To this day, we do not know where that came from. Just makes it all the more special!

I think Miss Daisy likes them too! We don't normally have cargo trucks in our neighborhood. On this day the neighbors were having their yard graded to be readied for sod.

My $1.50 tulips! Best money spent recently! They make me happy EVERY DAY.

The cuteness sometimes hurts. He's the only baby I've raised thus far. Curtis! We got him when he was three months, he turns ONE this month and he and Daisy are my chitlins. I love them so & they bring a lot of light and joy to my life. He's protective & loyal and the weiner dog/black lab combo makes him both amazing and a bit weird.

Hope your day was lovely & that your tomorrow is even better!


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