Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

My sweet niece Madison made these last year and brought them on Easter as a gift for me and my husband. Sweetest kid.

I have the privilege of hanging out with these cuties tomorrow:
They are a blast. We'll have an easter egg hunt  and we generally do a scavenger hunt that Brad, my sweet and creative hubby sets up. We drive all around our neighborhood based on clues. Last time they had to do things like "have a stranger fill your gas tank with 50 cents worth of gas." and other uncomfortable stuff! The adults are also a part of it. My brother actually hates it and told me "Yeah..I don't think anyone really likes the scavenger hunt." and then I found out that it was him...his wife's parents really had fun as did the kids, but he hates games. He actually shrieked when I tried to make him get out of the car to ask the "stranger" at the gas station to fill our tank and stop at 50 cents!!

How can you NOT love this kind of energy?

And when the littles eat with abandon like this, doesn't it make you feel as if YOU should as well?

So cute!

Can't wait to spend the day with all of them and the rest of my family AND..let's be A LOT!

I see a few Peeps and chocolate easter bunnies in my near future.

Happy Easter everyone!


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