Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Bonanza!

We have been blessed (insert a bit of sarcasm considering it snowed off and on and on again, in MAY!) with  summer for around a month now. I don't think I've swam this much or been in a bathing suit as much since I was age 10 or so and was completely without body consciousness. I've decided that now that I'm 4.1 (or 41 to some) that I'm just fed up and tired with being worried about how I look in a suit, how I feel, etc. So I've spent the summer thus far- enjoying swimming again. It has been lovely. We have a community pool just a few blocks away from our house. I think we've been there a good four times now.

This is Como Pool. It has a saltwater feature so there's a lot less chlorine, which is nice. This is the zipline, which I have no desire to do. However, it is fun to watch and be splashed. The most fun are the adults as they have soo much more weight to hold up with their arms than the kids do. There's a rock wall to climb, two cliff jumping areas, a lazy river, kiddie pool, snack bar and everything you could want. Oddly enough, my nephews very favorite area (after jumping and ziplining) is hanging out in the kiddie pool! Who knew? 2 feet of pure bliss, I guess. They say "it's warmer in here." Too cute.

My nephew Andrew turned 11 at the end of June. His pool party was yesterday.
Andrew and Ava and his bday cupcakes.

It was a stifling 92 degrees, so we all got in the pool. Well, most of us anyway. Yes, I was in there too. I opted out of the HUGE BALL game and swam in the deep end with Emerson. He has turned into such a good swimmer! He used to be a bit nervous, now he's pretending to be a lifeguard while I act "dead" as he saves me. The other super cute thing about him? He thinks I'm good at EVERYTHING. Ball games, swimming, swimming's quite sweet.

Andrew and Emerson got sweet new summer cuts:

Me and Emerson- 4th of July parade. My sister's husband-to-be is a firefighter. The kids got to ride atop the firetruck and were in the parade. Brad and I were adult supervision. They seemed to have fun and in the end, threw all of their patriotic garb to little ones watching the parade. It was very sweet. Emerson would pick out a little kid by him or herself (with parent, but no siblings so there would be no fighting over necklaces or hat) and I think we made a few kids really happy. We also had some men and women from the Army riding in the back. It was nice to see them get thank you's from the crowd, cheers and clapping.

Brad and Em on the firetruck. Re enactment of a cute photo of the two of them from years back.


The kids on the truck.  Emerson, Ava, Andrew and their friend Evan in the back. Evan knew everyone in town and was heard yelling from atop the truck "Where is so and so?" and then I'd hear a "He's not home right now!" He's adorable and a possible politician in the making. In the best sense of the word. I was honestly waiting to see if he'd find a baby to kiss. He also talked the two Army guys into arm wrestling him and then he took photos making it look like he'd won.

Andrew, Emerson, Me, Brad and Ava. I think Evan must have been arm wrestling at this point!

We hit the Carnie afterward for some huge fries, a jumbo hot dog for Brad and his obsession with finding elephant ears at any and all carnivals. He often leaves upset. Of note: I'm a vegetarian these days. Carnivals are not a great place for veggie fare. Just sayin'.

This is what I get to see when I hit the post office to mail various Etsy items. This neighborhood is so beautiful. I feel grateful to live here everyday!

Finally..I am still eating cake and thrifting. I've even got before and afters to share. I am just busy in the pool, walking dogs..and living life since summer is so short here. I am committed to squeezing every last drop of summer fun into these next few months! I found this thrifting last week and was very happy. TWO DOLLARS, people! This wire basket is currently housing the dogs Kong Balls. If you don't have these, buy them! You put peanut butter and dog food or treats in them, freeze them. It keeps them busy for at least an hour and QUIET.
Please ignore grout here. It needs to be redone and resealed. It's a rental so we're probably not going to reinstall something new.

Have a great Monday, Peeps!

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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Good times! Get on that zipline, girl! said...

Never the zipline!

rachel said...

That pool sounds and looks awesome. Good for you for being comfortable in your swimsuit. I'm going swimming tomorrow with my pregnant friend, who probably still looks better than me in a swimsuit.

rachel said...

That pool sounds and looks awesome. Good for you for being comfortable in your swimsuit. I'm going swimming tomorrow with my pregnant friend, who probably still looks better than me in a swimsuit.

LittleMyoo said...

I want that pool! And that zipline!!

Grace said...

I am quite certain you look great in your swimsuit. Good for you for not worrying about it anyway. The saltwater feature sounds great, I hate how much chlorine is always in public pools.