Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Budgie Is Here!


My friend Shannan at recently watched part of "Identity Thief" (or was it Theft?) with Melissa McCarthy recently. I was super excited as I LOVED the movie!

Late one evening, after I saw her FB post saying she was watching it, I sent a message saying "Dawn Budgie! That's a terrible name!"  She was perplexed and thought the Royal BeeBee (Baby) had been according to her it seemed like a british name! LOL. So now it's kind of an on-going joke. Why is this funny? She never watched the whole movie, so the whole Dawn Budgie name meant nothing to her!

Not to be confused with DAWN BUDGIE! Love her. She is so funny to me!

On to another little sister. Here we are in our sweet (and desert-like backyard!) pool in the 70's. I think it must have been chilly, water-wise. I look uncomfy.

Beyond watching Food Network Star, HGTV Star and Dexter, we have seen lots of nieces, nephews and very close friend's babies recently. Super fun! We've swam...I've eaten a lot. My tomatoes are growing. None have een stolen by squirrels in the last few days..and my strawberries aren't doing much growing.

Put a bird on it. Cake toppers in my Etsy shop. Makes me feel like I should make myself a cake so as to appreciate them fully. No?

Damned stye! On my right eye..your left. This is like day 29? Better..but still there. I've gotten used to not wearing mascara anymore. At first I felt very pale and albino-like.  Now I'm just used to it.

Brad found me/us some faux meatballs (it may also be made by the Quorn people, no guarantees) and has made delicious meals for the past few nights! RARRR!! It's very exciting to know I can make and eat things like chili and such, be full but without meat. Thank you "meatless section" at Target! I HEART you!

I think I'm off to get a McD's cone. It's what I did last summer. I'm feeling I may start up again.

Keepin' it Real~




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You look beautiful to me, TOT! Not pale anymore! I miss my long hair when I see you in a braid.
Some of those meatless meats are pretty tasty... I like the chicken ones.
It's a bummer when someone doesn't get your hilarious movie references.

LittleMyoo said...

Gah!!! Stye is still there? I suddenly have the urge to poke my eye out!! But you look loverly. I haven't seen that movie yet, but I love MMc!!


Nicole said...

I loved that movie! Laugh until your sides ache kind of love it.

I can't believe you still have that stye! Fingers crossed for you that it leaves soon.....or you might need to give its own name :). But Dawn Budgie is too cool a name for that thing! said...

Nicole- lol! I refuse to give it a name! Hilarious idea!

Andi- I'm sorry that my eye makes you want to poke yours- but I get it! If it wasn't my own parasitic twin and I saw it elsewhere, it would make me itch!

TOT- I lopped off a few inches of hair again! I'd love short hair- but check out the wide jaw, it never works!

Mama Picture This said...

Is the stye still there?

Which girl are you -- the one on the right?

Budgie is a bird I think. And what's up with naming the royal baby George?