Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Funny..or Tuesday Rage..YOU decide!

This image is thanks to my friend Tina (a.k.a. TOT) from What We Keep.

She posted this a few months back on her lovely blog and I loved it so much!

Who hasn't felt this way?!

I'm working, paying bills and have had a STYE on my right eye for over 20 days now! Yes, I went to the doctor. I have drops. It's getting old. But at the same time, I don't want to "rush it" and have to get my eyelid cut open (that's the next step, friends. Yep and no thank you!) so for future reference- Stye Gate.

We bought the doggies a pool. It's a 10 foot by 3 foot and it was totally worth the very little cash we spent on it ($25 on Craigslist! Can you say SCORE?) as Daisy our 13++ year old springer spaniel is in heaven. She LOVES to swim! Curtis= not so much. He's a bit nervous, will jump in for a ball and is OUT. Daisy swam laps for a good hour yesterday. First in a clockwise manner, then she switched it up counter clockwise. Then..before ending her time in the pool..she barked at Emerson swimming and cut through the middle. We act like she has a Clint Eastwood accent and imitate her yelling at us "GET OFF MY LAWN!" from that one movie. You know the one..?

Have a great Tuesday, Peeps!




Nicole said...

That sounds like a badass stye! I agree, give that sucker time, the next step is not sounding good.

Chase had a bath today, not too happy with me at the time, but has been much more comfy in this ungodly heat ever since. That and I brushed out enough undercoat to make a whole other dog, once it was loosened up! I'm thinking of buying a kiddie pool for me....Chase is like Curtis.

Hope you're getting some enjoyment out of summer, even with that stye!

LittleMyoo said...

Oooh...a stye. Now I can almost feel one starting in my eye...the power of suggestion. I really hope it gets better soon!! Glad the dogs like the pool. My schnauzer isn't a fan of water. In fact, he's even afraid of his water bowl. No lie. :)


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh,no. I hope it clears up and you don't have to do the unspeakable!
Yes, I do know the movie you speak of...that cracks me up thinking of Daisy! Still hoping our animals will jump in, but no.
That card is probably my all time favorite and yes, I have felt very much like that! Wish it was a poster and I'd change out the day of the week and my ailment. LOL