Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nerd Alert- Floral Variety!

I think I've made it a bit clear that I am obsessed/enchanted with all of the gardening that went on at this house prior to our living here. Mature 50++ year old trees and a woman who had mad gardening skillZ!

Everyday something different pops up. I'm out there watering, taking photos and staring. I wonder if my  neighbors think I'm a bit nutty. No matter. Opinions vary!! I don't know what these are above- wildflower? I only know they just popped up after our peonies had started to fade. Then we suddenly received the gift of rows and rows of hostas, annabelle hydrangeas and a variety of lilies. One day they were just yellow. The next, we had a beautiful red. Just yesterday I noticed white popping up!  Free flowers daily!

I also have two raised gardens. In one we have tomatoes, roma tomatoes and strawberries. In the other, forsythia, catmint, silver aster (I think!) and some other pretty flowers. Yesterday as I returned home and opened the back door, I saw a squirrel running the length of the fence with something reddish/green in its mouth.

Sure enough, it was our first nearly ripe tomato! It was honestly hilarious and so cute. I felt happy for him or her.

My niece Madison also informed me that "Your strawberries probably won't make it." ??? She says the animals steal hers every year. She's almost 13 but has been gardening for years. This year she's planted cilantro among other things. But she doesn't like any of what she plants (food wise) she just likes to garden. Too cute.


This girl is a swimming fool! This is after she jumped out of the pool. She gets out to go to the bathroom! Such a good dog! The only drawback? She's spooked about getting IN the pool so that's a whole other issue. But it's heartwarming to watch her do laps. She did clockwise and then counter clockwise laps the other night for a good half hour. Then she comes inside, shivers, I wrap her in warm towels and she passes out. She's 13+ so seeing her happy makes me happy.

I'm off to work!

Have I said how much I LOVE summer!

Have a great week!




LittleMyoo said...

I get so overwhelmed at the thought of putting in landscaping/ gardening at the new place. But it will be a blank slate. I might need some professional help...(in more ways than one!). :P Your flowers are beautiful!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Lotta love invested in your garden! I bet Daisy is so happy in her pool...I'd try a blow up for the dogs but Bruce would eat it!

Anonymous said...

I wanna eat yer tomatoes!!! I'm doing a tomato drive by!