Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer. Living Room Paint Reveal. My trees.

Is why I haven't been around much. I'm not crafty enough to write a post on my iPhone- truth be told- it's just not big enough for these bespectacled eyes...should I just get an iPad?

But then I feel like I'll have a bunch of stuff that I don't really need. So instead I'm taking a break this summer. I'll eat donuts all day because I FEEL like it!

Wine at noon? Kanye does it, why not me? (I don't know if he does or not, just seemed "current"- Ha!)

I give you my Etsy find of the day-You're Welcome, Peeps!

I sent my best friend a message just a bit ago asking if we should get two of these? We could wear them on our lake walks together. She has a shirt that says "this is what awesome looks like" which I LOVE! But she says she gets weird stares when she wears it and...she had to buy it in the men's section! WTF?

In other news- we finally painted the living room. I couldn't take the not-quite-white anymore. I know it works so well for some of you and your homes are cozy and lovely. I can't get it to work for ME.


WAY before:

AFTER!  I love it. It may seem too dark, but it's actually quite cozy. We have a lot of windows and for the most part, privacy. I didn't want to cover up the architectural details and mouldings, so I needed to be able to darken the room somewhat. With the light walls, some days it was just too bright in there.

Mountain Elk by Behr. With built-in primer. One coat! Yeah!!


After: Please ignore various junk on coffee table and flattened stuffed dog toys:

Two rooms down (Bathroom and Living Room) and a good FOUR to go!

So many favorite spots at this house. We are in the city, but it feels a million miles away. Yet I can walk everywhere and spend my life at the coffee house if I WANT.
Everything is in bloom now. This whole area now has light pink peonies, flowering bushes, some purple petunias planted by yours truly and a huge flowering rose bush.

Front yard view. Please ignore the dead sod that was planted last year. We're going to rip it out and add more flowers to the area. It gets all day sun, so I'm thinking of salvia. Any other ideas?! happy here! I think it's the trees. We lived in the deep burbs for five years. While it could have been great, we had NO trees. We planted a few medium sized ones that I'm sure will be amazing in 20 years. But after five years..I became increasingly tired of no shade ever and privacy ever. Our neighbors here and kind and have their own thing going on.

Have a great Wednesday!




Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I like that color. It's like the outdoors which is very calming to me.
I couldn't live without trees around me. Old trees are the best.
Glad you are taking some Tina Time this summer. ;)
Casey would love that shirt!
xxx, TOT

LittleMyoo said...

Okay, the room is pretty good, but the Tank. IS. AWESOME!!! I'd like a dozen, please. :)

rachel said...

That shirt! I can't even! hahahaha

Nicole said...

LOVE that colour! The painting will begin here in the next week. Luckily for my nerves I will still be working and will not be involved. For Phase one anyway. I think I painted and renovated so much in the old house that I killed my desire to ever do so I applaud your bravery :)

Full sun, I love daisies and black eyed Susan's. and echinacea. On my to do list? Fix my neglected gardens.

Happy summer friend!