Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Cuteness

Super cute scrabble signs for weddings or kids rooms from:

A pretty way to display paints:
Found this on Etsy awhile back. I THINK it's Katie Daisy or Katie Designs. Either way- it's lovely to me and organized in a way that's pretty.

And a nice, thoughtful quote for the day:

It's been raining here for days once again. I'm tired of even talking about it and it has made me MOODY. I just found out last week that we've had something like 19 days of sun in the past three months here.  None of those 19 days were sunny all day- just fits and starts. It did come out last night for about five minutes, so we walked the dogs. It is not raining currently, so I'm aobut to head out for a wet walk!

I'm pretty sure my 5-10 year plan involves moving someplace sunnier. I'm from Minnesota,  but have lived in Arizona and Tennessee. Was i CRAZY to move back here??!!

Have a beautiful Monday. I will eventually have Before and After house pics...I'm apparently just very forgetful and lazy these days.





Tina C said...

I love that quote, Tater Tot.
Sounds like Seattle or Portland! We're supposed to get another storm today and then 98+ temps all week.
Ugh! Everyone has been sick with some virus all weekend. Dave's been in bed for 3 days. Not much of a birthday for me- thank goodness it's a "season" of celebration. ;)
xoxo, TOT

rachel said...

It is very hot down here. Today's high was 92. It's supposed to be 98 by Friday. Pretty sure the pool water will be boiling by then.

You know when you have to peel your thighs of your car seats because it's so hot......

LittleMyoo said...

I love those scrabble projects! My niece made a "sampler" for my parents for looked like a scrabble game, but she managed to spell out all the grandkids' names! It was so WAY cool.

Mama Picture This said...

Thanks for featuring my wedding sign! I need the quote and I love the paint display organizer as well. I'd say move to Portland but we have our share of rain. I want the sun and warm back that we had over the weekend.