Sunday, June 16, 2013

This & That.

It's finally summer here in Minnesota! It has mostly rained, but in between the downpours..there have been some amazing moments.

Yesterday I spent a good 8++ hours with my BFF Kim. We hit the streets of White Bear Lake like nobody's bidness and had a great time. It rained, it poured. The sun came out later and we took a lovely walk guessed it..White Bear Lake! LOVELY. I found a new favorite vegetarian "burger" with chipotle at Keys Cafe in White Bear Lake. I ate ginger cookies, carrot CAKE and a cupcake! In a word- BLISS.

Food porn pics in a second... for now...I have a TREE that is a flowering rosebush in my new frontyard! RARR!! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I told Brad "Free roses all summer long!". It's a good eight feet tall. I cut a few roses today and here they are!

If this doesn't make you happy, nothing will. And if that made you smile, this next picture is going to have you cheering!

Puppy Curtis and his dollar general stuffed toy. The cuteness actually HURTS.

Brad had a week off of work and we rocked it! We did more yard work, had dinners and drinks and he made us a nice cheese tray for our backyard chill-out evening sessions.
Thank you to Aldi for the inexpensive yet delightful cheeses and crackers. Check out that classy Gatorade bottle-as-water-bottle! I could have cropped this pic and made it look fancy, but this is how it was and it was yummy.

Favorite little 10 year old in Stillwater last week!
Shockingly, it rained this evening! We visited his cousins who work at a pizza place in Stillwater. It cleared on our way home, this is a high spot in Stillwater. It's a beautiful place. The whole area smelled like honeysuckle. It was a bit an older lady who wears too much perfume, but it was lovely as well.

And I give you...cakes!
This is what I love about best friends. We were out all day, but decided to head back to her house with our winnings from Festival Foods at 10:30PM!

I've titled this photo "desperation" as you can clearly see my clawed hand reaching for more cake..

And these are the types of sweets and cakes that I "do not believe in!" ..anything with cake AND fruit is not a combo I enjoy. It just seems wrong. No offense to anyone. I like my cakes fattening, chocolate filled, with icing and all things bad for you. Fruit is not invited on this journey!

Finally...feel free to let me know what color you think these two areas should be. We have LOTS of light and the off-white isn't working for us. Brad has a Ralph Lauren brown that he likes or a deep green. We need depth and I want it to feel like a cozy hug when you sit and watch TV or movies here.

I'm off to eat last night's cake leftovers. I am also a week behind on HGTV Star. I recorded it rained and the dish was out, so I had the first three minutes of it. As of now, I have no idea who is great..who is a possible douchebag..or if anyone has any talent. I do find it odd that it is no longer called DESIGN STAR. I assume it's because there's not always a lot of designing going on? Purchases are made, walls are painted..but oftentimes the design is lacking. Still, I watch...

Happy Sunday, Peeps!



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