Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bleeding Hearts.

I took a bunch of photos of our backyard today now that SO much amazingness is finally happening! Can you say LATE SPRING? Geez!  I realized today that we have irises ( or is it iris'?!- if you know for sure, shoot me a note!) coming up as well as hydrangeas, at least ten fern plants, a large lilac bush, catmint, peonies everywhere - they have not opened yet, but when they do...it will be magical! I joked with Brad today that when the whole backyard starts to flower "We should probably just tell people we're staying home and we can sit and stare at it."

Then I threatened to make him get IN the flowers a la Anne Geddes, so I can take many photos of him, the dogs, my nieces and nephews, my BFF..everyone IN the flowers!

Sounds like a joke, but I actually forced my friend Melissa into taking nature photos like that in our 20's. She used to get mad at me because the photos were never without discomfort. People staring. Mildly embarrassing. Me yelling "NO! Get IN there! This will be worth it, I promise you!"

Fast forward 16 years later and her mom STILL has a framed 8 x 10 of Millie in some flowers at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens. Now I just tell people "Don't fight me on this."

Bleeding Hearts! These started to bloom just a few days ago. And the ferns..soo pretty! My mom had bleeding hearts in our yard. I remember thinking they looked like a girl's head with cool pigtails. I now see that they are indeed- heart-like. But at age 7, they just seemed like a cool paper doll to me.

I have an early morning so I'll leave you with this teaser..I have more landscape pics and always...more to say.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Friends~



Tina C said...

Beautiful! I love everything you have growing and none of them are successful in my yard.
I was able to have lush hanging baskets of bleeding hearts when we lived in Oregon. They are so pretty.
What are you up to so early?

Mama Picture This said...

I had a bleeding heart that I loved and pics of it too but I killed it somehow.. not sure why.