Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tongue In Cheek Tuesday- Link Up- Except It's Wednesday...

Because that's how I seem to roll lately. It's amazing I have clean laundry.

 I seem to have taken a confused left turn this past 30 days and I'm either working, caring for dogs who have just had surgery, dealing with a puppy who has broke free of his leash AND collar (broke one day, found him down the road running after the Fed Ex man!!) or "other things"...

Linking up to some HILARIOUS ladies today! Go and check out Bliss Ranch blog- she is talented, funny and quite creative. She made a paperdoll OF HERSELF for the Tongue In Cheek Tuesday post! Too hilarious.  The point is how you look when you blog- the real deal.


I myself have been wearing my Target off white robe for the past 6 months of "Forever January" here in Minnesota. I think my neighbor across the street thinks I'm a lazy freak. I wear it with it abandon. It can be 9AM and I'm letting the dogs out, it can be 3PM and I'm working on Etsy orders for my shop. If I don't have to go anywhere, this winter has told me "Comfort is key. Bed down. It's going to be long. Put that comfy cotton robe BACK on! As a matter of fact, don't take it off. Bra? Sheesh. Why bother? How about a nice pair of black leggings and some comfy socks? You got it, girl. Lookin good!"

For all of us, I declined taking a photo IN my robe. Part of the reason: Mystery.

Kidding. You need to be able to see the chunk that is missing at the top of the neck. Curtis tried chewing the tag out of it about 9 months ago. He's normally so good with just getting the tag out of things- absolute perfection. Not this time. Ate right through the robe! Do I have other robes? Yes. I thought I'd retire this one. But in true Tina-Spirit..the most beat up and broken down item is always the most comfy, soft and fabulous. So I continue to wear the hell out of it.

CHEW DETAIL:  Not bad, Curtis. Not bad. He's generally past the point of doing this kind of stuff, but he surprises us once in awhile. Brad left some expensive snowmobiling gloves out this winter and Curtis chewed the fingertips off of them. Then he got mad AT ME. Guess what? I then became irritated WITH HIM. Put the damned gloves away! You can't trust a (then) 1 1/2 year old dog that needs to be neutered!

Like this, apparently. Brad sleeps during the day when he works nights, so I had no one to take the photo but me. Do you wonder "Why didn't she get that anti-glare stuff for her glasses?" And I say because these are my cheap readers! I have a prescription and then I need readers to read things such as: my iPhone, ibuprofen bottles, any kind of smallish type, the facial expressions of others...etc. Okay, the last one was kind of a joke, but I must say that my dwindling eyesight is really quite disturbing. No! At this point I have no desire to get lasik surgery. The thought of my eyeballs being probed by lasers while being held open with those metal things completely freaks me out!

Also..why is that lampshade THAT askew? I don't know. I chose to let it ride.

Why do I have inches of dark roots? 7 months of snow and cold has made me not care so much. Seriously.

If I don't have the glasses on for small type, I can be seen looking at my laptop like this:
Glasses must always be atop head or NEAR in case of an emergency!! (Sidebar: Why do my eyes look robotic and black when they are, in fact, green?)   Hair WAS actually brushed earlier in the day. It is always messy looking. I've just decided to stop fighting it. On certain days, I can ALMOST create dreadlocks in certain parts of very snarled hair. Yes, it gets tiring. I have baby fine hair and am just used to it.  I don't bother with makeup anymore as Brad likes me for me and I just don't care as much as I used to. It's a relief. That's what a blessing my 40's have become.  I can't see as well as I did six years ago, I don't sleep as well as I did two years ago, but I care so much less about things that just do not matter. And THAT is wonderful!

Recent purchase that makes me smile! I have yet to use it as I "forget" that I have it! How sad is that?!

I'm off to order a cheese pizza or something similar. I don't want to freak anyone out but I think it's sleeting here AGAIN.

Holla to the Weather Gods = NO MORE!

Dreaming of a Real Spring~




LittleMyoo said...

Hey there funny lady! Visiting from Total Couture. :) ooohhhh... Minnesota! Crazy stuff up there! Here in Illinois, we've just gotten mountains of rain (mixed with snow this morning). Looks like our weather is going to shape up soon tho! Love the robe!!


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Tina, it must be trait to craft in your robe!! I gotta get me one for sure! I can't bring myself to get eye surgery either...don't feel that lucky I guess. Thanks so much for linking up today!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

That fabulous custom chewed robe has a certain ( insert French words I don't know) I'm beginning to think mammies and robes are the key to creativity! Thanks or joining the rest if us fashionable folk :) said...

Thanks for visiting ladies!

It's after 6pm and I've walked and fed the dogs... It's sleeting and I have a feeling I will be back in that tattered robe before 9pm!

Tina AtWhatWeKeep said...

Look at you, TOT!!!!
Woo hoo! You read my mind, didn't you??? I'm so glad you did this!
My eyes never look green in photos, either. I guess if they did, they'd be scary. Are you packed yet?
I heard you got more snow- so sorry.
I've been out all afternoon but will email in a bit. BTW, I cannot find the Muffin Tops cereal. Bummer. Is it like Cap'n? Maybe I can't find it because I can't see a thing, either! LOL
Get in that robe, girl.
xoxo, TOT

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I agree, crafting in a robe gives you more creativity! Found you over at Total Couture. I'm a new follower.

Nicole said...

You are funny, lady! It's snowing here too. I am in my lovely ratty jammies, in a crappy hotel, all by my lonesome. For a conference. And I just had to get dressed to go down to the damn front desk because she didn't save something properly and needed to swipe my Visa. I felt that it would only frighten the workers who are renovating the hotel if I didn't get dressed.

Hotels under renovations and staying by yourself is creepy. I need my ratty jammies to reassure myself that I would scare away any would be intruders!

Love this post!!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

I love this post! What is UP with the midwest weather this year? Every once in awhile my husband threatens to go to work for General Mills and I have to throw a more snow for this old lady! Thanks for linking up.

Anonymous said...

Holy ball banana, Fancy! I'm lol'ing at this whole concept, all the links you sent, and your post. lol Although, as your bff and doll-namer, I feel compelled to remind you that make-up or not, long white gloves or not, you always manage to look like the fanciest cupcake on the platter. You'd look stunning even if you fell asleep with a jolly rancher in your mouth, the brightly colored hard candy drool pooling onto your pillow/robe/tattered Zubaz (TM). You and your cute glasses would ROCK that monkey dust pan! Rarrr!!! Take a bite out of life!!

I agree that the general apathy that goes hand in hand with turning 40 is a relief. And then I wonder, IS that a good thing for me specifically? Because although you, and your other link party people, are all actually really cute, I've gone to the STORE (read: outside the house) with some EXTREMELY questionable hair. Then I get looks and I turn into Joe Pesci. "'chu lookin' at? Oh, ya like that? You LIKE it? You want a piece of me? You wanna GO?" <---unnecessarily antagonistic, like I'm in Fight Club. That's how I roll. At Wal-mart.

But my husband likes me for me too, so the drive to curl my hair, and/or comb it, and/or not wear the same home "uniform" every day is very minimal. He knows where his biscuits get buttered. Thank God.

Great post, boo.

your bff/cousin/Kim

Amy Ellis said...

Hi Tina, stopping by from Total Couture, so funny.. great sense of humor, and who needs that anti-glare for glasses anyway?? I thinks that's just a scam:) ~ Amy @ StowandTellU

LittleMyoo said...

Hey there (again)! I was cruising through your blog, and I wondered if you do cake design? Or just love eating cake? :P (I love cake!) I ask because my sister is a genius at cakes! She made my wedding cake, and my parents' 50th anniversary cakes, plus a gazillion more. She doesn't have a business...mostly just does them for friends, but they're awesome. Just wondered if you did that type of thing too.


Anonymous said...

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Bliss said...

Comfort is always key, even when I go out. But I try to remember not to wear jammie bottoms.

Thanks for joining in on the party.

Suzan Sweatman said...

YAY - someone else that works in a housecoat LOL
You're hilarious !!!
Thanks so much for linking up!
( please fix that lamp shade, it's driving me nuts bwaaahhh )