Monday, April 1, 2013

New Home FOUND!!

I know I've been AWOL for a bit here..

I think I mentioned that Brad and I and the dog babies are downsizing this spring. We're tired of the too-far-away-from-everything 'burbs. He's tired of driving an hour to work. We miss being able to see our friends who live closer to and in the city. He works in the city.  I miss mature trees. I want to experience more than our neighbors hanging in their garages 24/7 while ignoring their beautifully landscaped backyards, etc...

After an exhaustive and sometimes depressing search, we have found our new home!

It's a rental in St. Paul and we could not be happier! Smaller and cozier than our current way-too-big house, it is a Cape Cod style, painted a happy spring green with a fully fenced in yard in the back for the doggies AND raised beds for gardening! Can I hear a YAHOO? The owners daughter lived there years back and had chickens, so apparently the soil is fabulous. Large maple trees. A fenced patio (good for dogs) in the front, no neighbors across the street, just mature trees. Coffee a block away. Restaurants within walking distance. Brad can bike to work. A lake six blocks away. A real wood burning fireplace (we have gas right now which is convenient, but I love wood burning.)...

The google street view!
Way cuter in person and again- just soo excited after an exhaustive and depressing search that led us everywhere and places I "didn't know I didn't want to go!"

In other news: The snow has melted- or nearly 80% has. It's only 30 degrees again today, but at least it's sunny and I'm not staring at 5 feet of snow that makes me want to go back to sleep as soon as I rise.

Curtis is chilling on the side of the house in the sun. Daisy has cognitive function issues again. She is 91 and has tried to bite both me and Brad a few times this past week. She's cranky and needs to be on her meds again (she was on selegeline a few years back for her anger issues, but seemed to get better and didn't need it for the past two years.) and seems to find a "Hello" offensive. Good times!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! Ours was very sweet and nice.

Happy Monday!




rachel said...

That looks like it's going to be super cute! Glad you found a place that you're going to like. There's nothing like a new place. Except for packing and unpacking. That part sucks.

Tina Lou said...

So when is the big move? I bet you can't wait!

Nicole said...

Awesome! And raised beds....I'm jealous! Still scoping out ideas to put Rick building some for me :)

Grace said...

Yay! So glad you found such a nice place. And that you finally put a picture of cake up.

Your dog sounds about like my grandmother... my husband and I live with her as she needs looking after, and about three weeks ago she fell and broke her hip. She's 84. And of course I am sad that she broke her hip, but... she does everything the doctor told her not to do now, and on top of that is belligerent and cranky to those who try to help out. *sigh*