Monday, April 15, 2013

New Cereal Alert!

At least it's new to me.

Wait for it.....

In the generic, lower priced cereal section. Why buy a box of cereal when you can get a bag large enough for a family of five? I'm THAT serious about cereal.

This HAS to be new, right? I've long been a fan of Marshmallow Mateys, Coco Roos and their version of Fruity Pebbles- the name escapes me right now. But Muffin Tops? LOL. Is this supposed to be funny due to many women being concerned about having a muffin top? Specifically in low rise jeans?

Hilarious. To me.

I had no one to share it with at 3pm at my local grocery store.

So I did what I do: I sent it to my best friend on her work blackberry.

Also: My cute rainboots.
They have little cats all over them. They are quite cute, they keep my feet dry AND the money went to feed shelter animals.

That cool brush on the left? Used to belong to our sweep up package. Curtis "stole" the brush when he was a puppy about a year ago. He's been carrying it around with him ever since. Like a security blanket.

Except it's a brush. I know. He's a bit odd.

I never leave it out when I'm not home as I don't want him to get hurt.

He also favors phone books (we get one every year although I have no clue who actually uses a paper book anymore.) so I let him tear the pages out and recycle them. He has a blast and he looks hilarious carrying the whole book around. He also enjoys cardboard boxes, bubblewrap and anything that looks remotely like garbage or like it should be recycled.

In unrelated news: Gary Busey is an angel in an earth suit.

Me too, Gary. Me too.

Have a lovely evening!




rachel said...

No way! My husband and I just saw Muffin Tops for the first time this weekend too! Weird! said...

I knew they had to be new!!

Anonymous said...
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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Bruce's fav toys are boxes to chew. The shorties just chew their bones or kongs. Bruce thinks everything is a toy.
I will look for your new cereal. You know I love my cereal.
Gary Busey..nuttiest nut on the planet yet we can't take our eyes off him!
Did you make it to Junk Bonanza?
xo, TOT