Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Still Kicking.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

We have a soul crushing two feet of snow on the ground AGAIN and that's all I'm going to say about it. It's too bad I'm not a big drinker, because I am running out of indoor "fun" activities after HALF A YEAR.

I have had some custom Etsy orders, so it's not like I'm just watching Dr. Oz obsessively ( it IS a good and very helpful show!) but creativity is running low.

Thanks to Shannan at Flower Patch Farmgirl, I have begun watching "The Mindy Project" and I have to say- Good stuff, Maynard! HILARIOUS!!

I made these around Valentines Day!! I was just apparently way too lazy to upload any pictures.

Made some cute wine glass/champagne flute charms for my Etsy shop.

Stole this idea again..from Shannan at Flower Patch. She did it at least a year ago or more. I "made" cafe curtains out of Target napkins. Four napkins for $8, people! Bought a black tension rod, placed it between our two cabinets flanking this window (no hardware install! Lazy at its best!), purchased some inexpensive ring clips also at my local Target and..voila! I needed spring in the house, but can't bear to see the snow anymore so this is a win-win!

Made this below for myself. It just makes me happy.
I never used to believe in pink for myself, but I quite like it now.

He's tired of the whole indoor thing and has broken free of his crappy outdoor leash twice this week. I almost had a heart attack as he ran in the MIDDLE of the street during the snowstorm. All I could see was a little black weiner body in the white snow. He seemed just as stressed out if not more when he returned home. For the record: He has a backyard to run free in, it's fenced. He's lazy and at various times of the day he likes to sit out front with his 30+ feet of leash (or he runs in the road- safety first!) and yell and bark at passerby.
I bought a new leash yesterday and he now goes by "Curtis Unchained". Thank GOD nothing happened to him.

Magnets I made:
Bought the stamps on Etsy..SweetStampShop.

This is what we had for Easter decor for a good three weeks:
And I was inspired by Rachel at her blog New at the Newmans and figured...I can at least string these faux eggs, can't I? Can I just do that?

And one day...I just did. Twine plus Dollar General eggs = Happy! Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel!

I even added some bunny flair to the new cafe curtains!

Yep. Easter lily next to Jane Austen! Why ask why?!

There's more, but the puppy is starting to demand dinner and  Miss Daisy had tooth removal surgery yesterday. She's 91 in human years, so needless to say it was stressful. She broke a tooth and had to have the part in her gum removed. It ended up being like a wisdom tooth removal as the tooth was hard to get out. She was in so much pain and so out of it all night,  it was terribly sad. Everytime I looked at her, I felt like I would cry. She's a bit better today and has even eaten a bit and tried running in the yard. Poor Daisy!

Daisy on a better, duck chewing day.

I'm off to have a glass of wine because...I deserve it.

Feel free to tell me your tales of spring. I am going to have to live vicariously through others for the time being.





rachel said...

Look at your eggs, Crafty Cat!

I'm sorry you are snowed out. It will be near 90 here this week and that is not much fun either. It's too early in the year to have to change my underwear twice a day due to sweating.

Grace said...

I got my garden tilled up today! Spent the day walking barefoot in the soft earth, pulling out clumps of grass. It was wonderful. I hope spring comes soon for you. said...

Rachel~ Thanks for referring to me as Crafty Cat! I don't want 90 with multiple undie and clothing changes, but I just don't want 20 either! If pushed, I take your weather.

Grace~ THAT is inspiring! Please send some of that my way. I walked the dogs in a parka and winter boots- jealous much? ;-)

Nicole said...

I hear you Tina, enough with the winter weather! We had an ice storm and power was out for 8 hours, school was closed. But we were lucky, some people didn't have their power back yesterday! 3 days, cold, yucky.....ugh. And I thought 8 hours without coffee was bad!

On another note, I went to Target yesterday (new and exciting to Canada) and picked up some orange chevronish (it's a word, honest!) tea towels to make cushions out of. To go with my orange chalkboard's all still in my head, but I'll post pics when it's done. I need some colour to banish this crapola weather we've had!

Fingers crossed for sunshine and warmer weather in Minnesota!

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