Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Etsy Finds.

This may be quick friends because.....

THE SUN IS OUT and the temp is in the mid 60's! It feels like Palm Springs!

Or it's just been cold for months and Mamma is feeling alive!

True, true. Thanks for the reminder, George.

I'd like to credit this loveliness, but I think it was a Pinterest find OR from my friend Nicole's blog Fit Mom. Either or, I am borrowing it.

May I present to Etsy finds!

Love popcorn? Me neither.

Just kidding!

My hubby is the real popcorn afficionado here. But after trying Kit Kat popcorn, Reeses and believe it or not, Peanut Butter and Jelly from this shop- I am SOLD!  I actually had to send some with Brad to work so I wouldn't scarf four bags! Candy's Popcorn on Etsy. I received a bunch of samples with my order. Fast delivery and great service and again..who knew I liked PB & J popcorn?


Did somebody say Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!

Need something beautiful for Mothers Day? Me too. And I'm not even a mom yet!   I like to buy myself little items around various holidays. Is that odd? If so, I don't want to be normal!!

This shop makes beautiful mini cards and any sized photographs from her beautiful images that she takes in and around Oregon. I've ordered cards from her in the past. They are super cute!

Shop info:

Tulip Love!

This is one of my faves below.

She has some Mothers Day specials going on now through April 30. In true form, I seriously want to buy some images for my house, but we're moving in less than 7 days. Anything purchased now just has to move.

And that makes me feel...overwhelmed.

We had plans to have a HUGE (or YUGE) Garage sale this past month prior to our move.

But the damned weather gods weren't having it. Hard to have a sale with 3 feet of snow. 
Looking back, I guess I could have been more flexible or creative.

"Free mug of hot chocolate with every person who steps INTO the sale!"

Or 0

"Buy Two Get One FREE!"

True story. Our neighbor growing up actually did that. We still laugh at the memories.

He was my mom's best friend's husband. He was meticulous about his garage and lived for sales.

His garage was carpeted. He stole ashtrays from hotels back then (this was the 80's people. I recall ashtrays being not only en vogue, but omnipresent. My parents seemed to use theirs as display!) and those ashtrays were part of his "deal".

He also had various signs in the garage.

My personal fave to this day:

"No loafing the manager."

It still makes me snort. My mom also had to explain what it meant more than once because I just didn't get it.

It's a quote I still use. Perhaps incorrectly. But it's just..odd and fun! When is the last time someone told YOU that you were not allowed to "loaf" something? See? It's rare.

I'm off to hit the backyard and do some back handsprings and cartwheels!


Happy Friday!




Anonymous said...
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Bliss said...

I will be careful never to loaf a manager.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Love that quote from George! But I love your "random" stories even more, and by "random", I mean full of purpose, meaning AND hilarity. Only I still don't understand what it means to "loaf" someone??? Is this dirty????????

I want to come to your Yuge sale. Yes I do.

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...


Hope you're still enjoying warm temps! That Curtis is just so cute :)

Tina AtWhatWeKeep said...

Popcorn frenzy! PB&J? Sounds weirdly delicious.
So the countdown has begun...just a few more days and you're in the new house. Woohoo!
Hope the snow has all melted by then. Loafed a manager lately? No, ma'am .

Anonymous said...

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