Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Little Gent Turns 10!

My nephew Emerson turned 10 on January 15. Where does the time go? It seems like he was just a baby and then a toddler who was obsessed with Dora the Explorer for a good two be followed with a love for Max and Ruby and then the Backyardigans.  Now he's learning Power Point Presentations in fourth grade! When did that happen? Impressive, but seems "mature". He also knows his way around an iPhone and an iPad. He figured out within a day how to use "facetime" on his iPad (a bday gift from his dad) and I was able to see his cute little face on the phone while talking to him last night!

 Brad and I surprised him at his school on his bday to take him out for lunch. He's just so fun. He ordered a double order of corndogs, fries, a vanilla shake and then had a little sundae. When I asked him "guess who else shares your birthday who is really special to me?" (I'm referring to my best friend Kim, he knows her.) he replied "Martin Luther King!" So cute and smart. Then out of the blue during lunch he said "Do you know about oil drilling?" Me "Yes, it's not good." Emerson "NO! It's not good! We're learning about it in school and it's bad for the environment." I just love how concerned and aware he is. He hit Dave and Busters last week with his cousin and my nephew Nick, who is 18. Nick told me that they discussed how they could change the world by curing cancer and with inventions. I think I was just happy playing basketball outside at that age and eating cotton candy. They are amazing. He is such a great little soul.

Eating his gift of cotton candy at his bday lunch!!

And doing some coloring, tic tac toe and mazes on the kids menu. I love that he still enjoys all of this kind of kid stuff even while he's getting older and crazy smart.

Happy 10th Birthday, Em! So glad you are part of my family!!



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Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Lots of birthdays in your family lately! Happy Birthday, Emerson!