Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Etsy Love!

Just wanted to share some beautiful finds from Etsy this week. Things that make me happy!!

Does it not just yell HAPPY?! It does for me.

Same shop, more beauty:

More from this shop. Has a pomegranate ever looked so lovely?

I think I'm getting to that point in winter where I actually crave spring color and flowers again. I looked at my planters flanking our front door yesterday wondering "What to do?" It's too cold for anything. I don't want spruce or anything christmas-y. Ideas? I need something. Help!  I am in Minnesota and although it's 30 today, the temp will plummet to a high of -2 on Monday. Anyone have any arctic ideas?! Bring IT!

Different shop, more beauty!

More love:

Finally..give me a reason NOT to want to eat many of these?! I'll be waiting! Haven't purchased anything yet, but my finger is ready to hit "add to cart"..

Buy them here!

I'm off to have some Marshmallow Mateys now. The generic equivalent of Lucky Charms. Same flavor, less $$!  We've also run out of dog biscuits and everytime Daisy comes in from going to the bathroom, she looks at me as if I'm a failure. Must go to store.

Have a lovely weekend, all!




Grace said...

Yes, I must admit I'm starting to feel desperate to plant things. I'm going to start ordering seeds and planning what to plant.

For decorations, take a look here:

She has some awesome ideas for post-Christmas decorating, and some links to more ideas.

Poor Daisy, I know that "You're a failure" look. It's amusing and makes me feel guilty at the same time. said...


Thank you for the links and winter ideas!! I feel inspired and wasn't sure I could be... I should probably start ordering seeds now too. Why can't I think of any of this on my own? Winter fog??

Off to reestablish my role as a good mom, dog biscuits and treats!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I can't imagine it being that cold!
Hope you can find something for your porch besides evergreens...what can survive besides plastic???
LOL- we ran out of dog treats so my hubs gave them a rice cracker. They wouldn't eat it! Spoiled and unhappy. They settled for a carrot.
Stay warm!
xxx, TOT

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oh my, Valentine's day is right around the corner, isn't it? The photographs are very sweet!

Bliss said...

I hope you also by Daisy the doggie bone generic equivalent!