Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inexpensive Home Decor.

Yep! I've got a few ideas. I wouldn't say that I'm "cheap" by any means, but I would say I can be thrifty. Also, the curse of being artistic and making things is seeing something and fixating on the price. "This is nice, but I could easily make that for half of that amount."  It's honestly exhausting at times because if I allowed myself, I'd just never buy anything and have a million ongoing home projects.  I know when to say NO. I bought Pottery Barn mica lampshades a few weeks ago for my birthday. Not something I can recreate nor would I care to if I could. Know thyself. No longer available but see my new shades below. Yow! It has totally changed the lighting for reading and relaxing in our bedroom and was worth the cash.


What I can't get onboard with: Overpriced apothecary jars! I love them, I do. But I will not pay $30 for a 7" tall jar that is decorative and pretty, yes, I give you that. But the reality is I'm just going to be shoving Q Tips and or soaps in them. I always figure I can (and do!) use the extra money in savings (like that? Like how I think of buying something as a vehicle to also give me savings? I know.Weird.) for charities that are close to my  heart.

So my way to have apothecary jars that I LOVE?  I reuse my HomeGoods candle jars! Two for one! Or what some might call a win-win. Enjoy the candle, the kinetic lighting of the candle, the good scents. Freeze the almost dead candle for a few hours (Thank you, Martha Stewart!) and the wax should pop out easily. If it doesn't, I put a bit of water in it for a day and it will usually work. Rubbing alcohol also works on any black smoke marks on the glass OR a run through your dishwasher. I will admit that I recently accidentally placed two fir smelling candles in the dishwasher. Everything smelled of evergreen in a nice burned fashion. Brad asked "What did you do?" Me "Huh? You're acting like I did this on purpose as if I WANTED our dishware scented! Untrue!"

This was $7! Yayy! It also really makes using a Q tip seem almost amazing!

Next up: My $2 pillow from the Goodwill. I know it can seem gross to buy a pillow there. I have passed on many that seem like they'd be tough to wash without ruining. This little gem was easy to wash and our dog Daisy loves it. I'm sure it was from someplace like Target (unsure as it has no tags and I don't remember seeing this anywhere recently.) but I like to pretend it was from Ballard Designs or something and that my savings is just huge or YUGE.

Again, Daisy looks cute when she naps near here. I always tell Brad "she seems to have better naps when she's sleeping near cute chevron or a well designed pack of pillows." Ha!

Finally...saw my nephew Emerson yesterday as he had the day off of school. He was one of three kids in his class to be invited to a Little Author's Workshop in the cities in March "for aspiring writers." !! He acted like it was no big deal, but I KNOW that it is! Here's his latest read. Looks kinda spooky. I love kids books!

Read if you DARE!

It's terribly cold here. I find that complaining about the weather is boring..but my GOD..it's about 5 below still and its noonish! Bleh!

Off to work!




rachel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHHA! You know you like pretending to eat off of pine tree limbs. Hilarious!
I missed the episode of Martha where she explained how to clean candle jars. Thanks for the tip!

Grace said...

Yuge savings are awesome. :D You are very clever, and I agree, anything over $10 for a glass jar is too much for me unless it's one heck of a jar. I am definitely going to try using candle jars, so smart! And yay for Goodwill! I'm so happy it's fashionable to shop there now, because I did it anyway when it wasn't. I can get five outfits there for the price of one at a retail store, and they look awesome too.

Tina@thriftingwithcake.blogspot.com said...

Rachel- you now know my secret! An affinity for all things pine flavored or scented..ok, not really.

Grace- I have also shopped the Goodwill for years. I was often treated as if there were something wrong with me, but like you said, if you can get great pieces, jeans (for me a huge plus as they're usually somewhat worn in and super comfy!) and five outfits..it just seems smart. Plus, I hate retail clothing stores and the whole experience always bums me out! YUGE savings!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You crack me up! Pine scented dishes would definitely curb the appetite. Martha and the candle tip was one of her best ever. I'm jealous that you find good things at GW! When I was little, my cousin's grandma took us all the time. It was like a treasure hunt and I loved it so much. Books, books, books! I found a great coffee table once, but that's the best of my treasure hunting as an adult. Tell Emerson that he should be very proud of himself- that's an honor!
I love your new mica shades...the light is beautiful coming thru them I bet!
Hugs, TOT