Monday, January 28, 2013

Gideon Ridge Inn.

I found this on the blog today (I found the blog through another blog, through another. Does anyone else do this? Through a series of a possible 27 steps I stumbled onto this great blog. I have no REAL idea how I arrived there!) and I must say..I'm going!  In my MIND that is. Check out these fantastic views!

Did someone say "Road Trip"?

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I have also always wanted to visit Savannah, Georgia and someday soon,  I will! Preferably in the spring or fall as summers in the south are el diablo!

McSwoon! Beautiful!! I could live there. Right in the park. For a fortnight..gotcha!

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I could live here:
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I love the architecture and the feel of the south. After living in  Tennessee it's still hard to put into words, but I can feel it when I look at my photographs from that time and when I see photos like these. A totally different vibe and lifestyle than the aggressive north.


"Teaser" post update!

I was just minding my own biz while reading on the beach this February day in Mexico a few years back. The resort we stayed in was pretty, but lounger chairs were hard to come by. Every few days, a boatload of cruise ship peeps would leave their ship and come and stay, snorkel and hang at our resort for a few hours. Never bothered me until this day. With a WHOLE beach to sit on and anyplace to move a chair, this woman  decided to sit almost on top of me. LITERALLY. She didn't speak english. I looked at her, moved my chair a bit and I kid you not, she moved hers closer. I don't think she was trying to be funny, I think she was just european. In the way that "this table seats four but there are two of you- let me eat right next to you!" Not necessarily a bad thing until she bent over and stuck her arse in my personal space MORE THAN ONCE. The point of this tshirt is in its optical illusion. The faux body makes it SEEM as if she were farther away than she actually is. If you look at her real legs you can see she's nearly ON me. I believe I got up and hit the bar after this pic was taken. Then rather than being mad I just laughed, made Brad take a pic and said "It sort of annoyed me but then kind of made my day because it's just so f**king bizarre!"

I will also say that whenever I travel outside of the US, I see and experience a general lack of manners not from the locals, but the tourists. I also used to live in Sedona, AZ and this was the case there as well. What is WRONG with people? NOT all people, but a lot of them. It's like basic manners and common sense leave.

Of note: I believe I was reading John Irving's "Til I Find You" here which was a great book!!

I'm off to do a bit of work. The dogs have fashion forward red valentines kerchiefs on thanks to Brad, and I have a box of donuts to eat. I also had CAKE yesterday at Emerson's family birthday party.

He is ten now. He chose...get over the hill cake that had "RIP" on it! LOL, LOL! Who does that at such a young age? THAT is why he is so darling and  hilarious. He thought it looked "dark and cool."

It's only a few years until he has a party with a "Lordy, Lordy Look Whose 40!" cake, I guess.

Happy Monday, Friends!




Grace said...

I will live in the park with you. It's INCREDIBLE! When I was little, my family went camping at Caddo lake in Texas, which is right on the border of Louisiana and Texas, and that was my first experience with Spanish moss. I was enchanted and still am. It's so mysterious and beautiful. said...

I INVITE you to come with, Grace! for now, to be a part of my "faux vacation"!!

I don't think I ever saw spanish moss while living in Tennessee...but now I want to! I do remember the magnolia trees and how amazing they smelled. I was also able to grow angel's trumpet, the flower and it was heavenly!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hey funny girl-I'm cracking up at Emerson. He's a goofy one, like his aunt. I love it when kids have a sense of humor and quirk!
I have cool pics of a cemetery full of old mossy trees. It was really creepy in there. Quiet, but windy with all the moss blowing.
Enjoy your donuts!