Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Funny.

Since it's a splendid (insert sarcasm!) 50 or so degrees here in St. Paul, rainy and chilly- I have spent my afternoon perusing Pinterest AND watching "Iyanla, Fix My Life!" on OWN. Iyanla, helpful as she is, started to bum me out.

So I headed off to Pinterest.

And this made me laugh OUT loud- AND- I find it to be true! Do any of you?

It never opens so easily.

I made Mac and Cheese yesterday. Buyer beware: I purchased the generic equivalent as I'm trying to avoid FD&C red dyes (they are not in the version sold in England and much of Europe and don't have to be. The "coloring" can be made with natural..paprika! Go figure.) and I must say: It was a disappointment. I was not impressed with the flavor.

I also had to use a knife to stab open the box!

Happy Saturday, Chitllins!




rachel said...

YES! THOSE LIARS! Why do they even bother anymore? Seriously. The only person who could possibly open that box is Jesus. And maybe Martha Stewart on a good day. said...

Lying bastardos! At least it's not just me!!

Tina C said...

Martha can't open that crap! That's why she has a staff of box stabbers! said...

Lol TOT!

She does have peeps whoso everything- doesn't she?

I read an unauthorized autobiography about her years ago- pre jail! It was very interesting. The best part? As I read it in a coffee shop, a guy came over to talk about the book- apparently he loved Martha!

It was odd.

LittleMyoo said...

Yep, it's rainy and freaking crappy here drought here...MORE LIES!!!! And what's up with that Mac N Cheese box...definitely all lies... LIARS!! =D