Friday, May 3, 2013

Jealous Much?

Well...they have not only broken ground but broken the sound barrier next door!

This is what I woke up to yesterday around 7AM. See that earth mover right in the air? Good times, folks.

Can you also say "time to move?" That's a whole FIELD out there with five lots. A family chose THIS lot, literally right on top of us. Why is it that people like to live thisclose to one another? Yes, we're moving so the timing is perfect. If we were stuck here for a bit or WANTED to stay here, I'd be seriously bummed out. I like people. I just don't want to HAVE to interact everytime I step outside.

My god. I sound like an old lady.

Call me Florence. gets even better noise-wise and as a final gift..SNOW! That's right. It's snowing again.

I think I just threw up a little.

We sold all of our kitchen appliances yesterday so for now- that's a big bag of ice outside and I'm living on borrowed time.


I am nothing if not dramatic at times!

I'm at the point in packing where I wonder why I even have stuff. And to be fair- these are nice items that I love and cherish. But now I am just shoving things in boxes and wondering "Why do I have all of these damned books? Reading?! F**k that!"<-------That's the tired me talking. That is not "real" Tina.

Anyway...I'm a vegetarian about to eat chicken nuggets because it's easy and I'm sleep deprived.

The most interesting part? My hubby. Has no concern that we're not going to be ready at 9AM tomorrow when the movers arrive. I don't want to move twice and our new house is a good hour away. He's also worked nights all week (not his fault) and I'm beginning to feel a bit like a workhorse.

Please send me positive vibes.

Man Down!




Nicole said...

Hey, Flo! Sending you positive vibes. You will be ready (enough), and it will happen regardless of any stressing you do.

I'm sure you already know what a crap week I've had, trust me when I could be effing worse. (As could my indulged life.....I lost my iPhone and iPod.....I'm not starving to death!)

Good luck with the move amid living with bags of ice to keep your chicken nuggets cold, you vegetarian, you! Lol

I'll be thinking about you as I wrap up the projects that are keeping me in a continually distracted state. Happy moving prep my friend!

Nicole said...

PS (it's the wine making me forgetful). That snow business is the worst. Here's to a joyful return of much warmer temperatures!

rachel said...

Oh, Florence, you ninny.

You're so lucky to be moving, our house has been on the market for three months and no bites. Good luck with your move!

Tina C said...

If you're going by Flo now, I get to say Kiss My Grits!
It's almost over, tater TOT. Hope you've scoped out your new McDoodles at the new house. You'll be needing a double cone!

Anonymous said...

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