Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big Move..Slow Progress...Milk and Margaritas!

I'm back!!

I never really left. But this move has taken up most of my (and Brad, so "our time") life and time as of the past few weeks. Considering it snowed until May, we were never able to have a huge garage sale. So we ended up having WAY too much stuff to move. We did give some items away to a needy family. We left some things curbside with "FREE" signs (nice things- car seats, golf clubs, etc.)

We both agreed that at a certain point it felt as if our stuff was growing at the old house. Pack up a room, how it is possible that there seems to be MORE stuff in the next room? Good god! We had a huge house. It didn't seem like we had a lot of things or anything excessive until we moved. Considering I'm a recycling freak, I hate that feeling that I get to where I panic and think "Let's just leave it here!" or "Screw it! Throw it away! Throw it ALL away!"  I didn't do any of that, but I was compelled to on more than one occasion!

Como Park Conservatory today-Sunday.

I now live only four blocks from Como Park, the zoo, the lake and the Conservatory! It is beautiful in this neighborhood. Tons of character. Old homes. Mature trees and tree canopies. Interesting colors for houses and garage doors. Great neighbors. I met Elvin the other day as I was in our garden. He's 94. Has lived in the area for 54 years. Raised his whole family. Told me "Looks like you've got A LOT to work to do there." (Referring to our garden which had a good year's worth of leaves)- so cute. He heard perfectly which is rarely the case when chatting with someone that old. Was in World War 2. I wanted to hug him. It would have been awkward since A) I had only just met him and B) There was a fence between us.

Como Conservatory. Love it here. The greatest part: Torrential rains as we were trying to walk around. I ended up with completely wet feet, the bottom half of my jeans were soaked. My hair became crunchy. My umbrella dropped rain on me as it shielded me. The Conservatory was evacuated twice due to all of the glass and severe weather. There was water leaking everywhere. It was...beautiful but uncomfy. The staff was setting up for a wedding. I found myself feeling bad for the bride and groom.

Love. It.

In other news- my niece Kirsten graduated COLLEGE yesterday! So proud! I stupidly said something like "Wow, those four years just flew by!" and she was like "Yeah..not so much for me.."  Goes by fast for those who aren't doing all of the hard work. She's hoping to find a teaching job for this fall. It was a great day! We had margaritas and dinner with her mom (my sister), dad, brother and her grandparents on her dad's side.

Since I can't really find any of my clothing (I'm not joking. I have leggings, casual clothes, tank tops, jeans with holes and tennis shoes but can't find my dressy and nicer items!) I chose this cute safari dress. With leggings and boots as it was 52 degrees and raining when I left. Fast forward to this hour (5pm?) and it was 80 and humid! I was OVERLY HOT. At one point someone said "Can't you take anything off?" Me: "Not without looking VERY inappropriate!" -so I tore off my double long necklace from Romania! As if it helped, but it did make me feel better in that moment as I screamed "it's strangling me!"

This pic makes me giggle because we all had margaritas and Nick, who is 19, had a milk with refills! I could tell he wanted a drink, but obviously couldn't order one. He is so funny. He's forever distressed that he cannot yet grow a beard, thus making him look younger. Man-boy!

 I will have some great Before and After pictures of our new house soon! Brad did the whole bathroom and it turned out great. I LOVE this house. Smaller but well laid out and cozy. The back yard is gorgeous as is the front. The dogs seem happier as the relation with house and yard is better than our last place. Curtis is chasing squirrels and has dog girlfriends already- Daisy and Sati. Our Daisy is happy and  has taken over the downstairs bathroom as her new bedroom. It's hilarious and sometimes a bit stressful.

MOST IMPORTANT: I ate homemade CARROT CAKE yesterday! My niece Kirsten made it from scratch. Her great grandma's recipe. I told her if she can't find a teaching job ASAP that she could have a side career in baking!

Hope your weekend was beautiful!!




Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Thoroughly enjoying this journey you're on, Tiny. You share it with us in the best of ways!

Omni Maa said...

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Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

I am in my downsized house now...but still haven't found a place for all the stuff, even 6 years later!! (Granted, things did have to be worked on so that precluded unpacking. You can't unpack 'til you've got a place to poop.) said...

Thanks Shiny! said...

Kirby- lol! So very true!

That makes me feel better- as I just don't see myself getting through all of the crap in the basement anytime soon.. If ever!!

Aliy Trance said...

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