Wednesday, August 20, 2014


How is it mid August already?!

I have rocked this summer with all I've had...I've been outdoors daily. I rarely use the AC. Crazy, I know. But the last two winters here have been so long and awful, that I must have open windows and stagnant and humid (if not fresh!) air!!

Curtis says hello. He's 3 years old now!
He loves: Car rides, multiple walks per day. Treats. Yelling at people who walk by our house....and US!

We also have a new sibling for Curtis..Miss Paisley. She's a rescue dog from West Virginia. You can take me out of the south (I lived in Tennessee for two years) but you can't stop me from going back AND gathering  new family members!!
Here she is! In a dream I didn't think possible, we managed to find ourselves ANOTHER labraweinie!! She is 2 1/2 yet she seems to act as Curtis' older sister. Very loving. She cuddles and kisses 24/7. Loves blueberries, squirrel patrol and gingham! On this day, she said she was going for "Full Barbecue Regalia" as she searched through my fabrics. I couldn't say no!

This is true of both of our kids. Thank God for the barking. It is probably all that has kept us from being murdered over the past few months. sweet friend Tina from What We Keep blog (also known as TOT) sent me this a few months back and I LOVE it:
A great reminder! I love her embroidery. I honestly didn't think I liked embroidery anymore until I've had the good fortune of owning some of her lovely creations.

And..I'm off! The nice weather is calling...I believe there's another iced mocha to be had, a Better Homes and Gardens to peruse and then..back to work!

Rock This Wednesday!



andi filante said...

Love your doggies! And that's hilarious about not being murdered because of the barking. =D

And Tina's awesome! I love that towel!


rachel said...

That towel though.


rachel said...

Dude. Where are you?